Strong man

Thanks to some brute strength from the Husband my computer finally got fixed up last night. Regular blogging shall resume tonight!


Technologically incompatable

I was so so so psyched to get home form work today because I had more ram arriving the mail and Mac OS X Leopard waiting to be installed upstairs. I was supposed to be able to quadruple the memory of my computer from 512 mb to 2 Gigs. Instead I can’t get the new ram to work and have actually managed to halve the amount that my computer originally came with. Unfortunately 256 mb is too little to be able to post more than one picture on this blog at a time. I’m hoping and praying that I haven’t actually screwed something up and that my mom will be able to fix things on Monday, when I was hoping to further upgrade to OS X Snow Leopard. Until then my fingertips are bruised for trying to shove those thin chips into narrow holes in various combinations well over 50 times. Upgrading my computer was going to be the highlight of my weekend and I am well beyond frustrated. I guess I’ll be taking another blogging hyatus until things get fixed. Until then I will leave you with this quote from my Yogi bedtime tea box: