Alright, for the record, after my experimenting with fore-foot landing on Wednesday my ankles are extremely sore. I seriously considered skipping the Shred, or at least the leg bit (doing the arms and abs), but I chose to try it all. In the past working out the day after has made me less sore, but when I walked downstairs this morning to grab my smoothie, right out of bed, my ankles were so stiff I wasn’t sure they’d support me. Just more muscles to strengthen, right?

Well my smoothie some how doubled in size in the blender and there was black liquid underneath so I ended up tossing it (though I think the black stuff was only on the outside of the blender) but it just wasn’t very good. I had a piece of bread with peanut butter instead for breakfast.

Lunch was a Wendy’s hamburger. I was starving and still pissed off about some of the frustrations from yesterday evening so I just wanted to quiet my belly.

I got to leave work early though! We’re down at my dad’s company’s lake house on Lake Oconee. I love love love it here but with the economy how it is, the architecture firm is suffering and trying to rent it out (Frito Lay and Coke have both visited!) and so we haven’t gotten to visit very much this summer.

Anyway, while sitting by the pool I had some grapes. The kidsies (18-23, not so much kids anymore) had all left so it was just Husband and I when we dove it. Nothing like a good old flirty play session to bring a smile to your face 🙂


Happy hour started a few minutes early, with some Fritos (excuse Husband’s hand! these weren’t all for me)


I tried a new beer! The boys love Samuel Smith beers. I’ve tried their organic cider before and wasn’t that thrilled with it. I spotted this at the bottle shop today and had to give them a second chance. Loved it! I think I might actually like it better than my precious Kasteel. And if you look in the bottom left corner it’s USDA certified organic 🙂


These will be my downfall this weekend, by the way. The only candy I can’t keep my hands off of, especially when particularly hormonal… So good.


Helping with dinner 🙂


Some shots outside while dinner was grilling… the outdoor seating area (one of many). Or the one we use most often at least. (Yes, there’s an outdoor fireplace to the left of the shot, you can see the fireplace tools)


The view from that area (and the currently empty dock)


Pool and hot tub


This is our theory, anyway 🙂


The house from the dock:


The roof in the right-center is the pool house with the pool behind the bushes and trees


Dinner! Grilled shrimpies, squash and zuch, and pilaf! Yum yum yum. Can’t wait for leftovers tomorrow.


And I split a Carvel ice cream sandwich with Dad.


No exercise today or this weekend. I’d much rather enjoy myself here. Unfortunately the 3 jet skis and 2nd boat are all waiting to be repaired, we definitely use the jet skis a lot while here, but Husband and I both has chemistry studying to do anyway… Yay.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I do utterly adore Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. I’m off to give him my undivided attention 🙂