Higgeldy piggeldy

I don’t know why rotated pictures are too big when right side up. All I can do is apologize!

I had spinach that was about to be on its last leg so I made a small but thick smoothie last night before bed. I drank half this morning and will drink the other half tomorrow. No measurements but it contained spinach, nectarine, vanilla whey protein powder, vanilla soy milk, banana, and some water.


Today I tried a new peanut butter! Jif has a new natural style peanut butter. I didn’t examine the ingredient list before buying though, it contains peanuts and sugar with less than 2% of salt and molasses. It was pretty good, not too salty, thankfully. And no stir!



For lunch I had some chili that I bought at the snack bar in the library. It was pretty tasty but having celery in the chili kind of threw me off! Sorry about no picture :/

I got home rather hungry so I had an oatmeal cookie


And maybe a serving of Greenwise wheat crackers. I just know I finished off the box, it seemed like right about a serving.


At Target last night I grabbed a bag of steam-in-the-bag veggies (Archer Farms), a harvest blend which is basically mushroom, carrots, brocc, sugar snap peas, water chestnuts, and onion. I made some brown rice and tossed it with teryaki sauce and some of the veggies. Hubby had some too and I have the leftovers packaged up for lunch tomorrow!


I think I’ve reset my camera to take smaller pictures, we’ll find out tomorrow! I’m going to shower and make my way through another disk of Gossip Girl before Glee!



My favorite season is here! Pumpkin beer, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin oats, pumpkins for sale up the street 🙂

Breakfast was made by Hubby! He was inspired to buy Grands biscuits at Walmart last night so we had them for breakfast this morning! (Picture x 2)


I knew carbs alone wouldn’t hold me through till lunch so I took my granola that I got at the farmer’s market and a few spoonfuls of plain yogurt and ate it at about 9:30. Sorry about the lack of picture, I was in a major rush this morning and didn’t think about it. I’m so happy that I found this granola!

Lunch was a salad I put together for lunch Friday but didn’t eat because of the office party, with some Greenwise wheat crackers



A coworker also brought in brownies, cut into 1.5 inch squares. I had two this afternoon.

After work Alex and I hit the pavement for an interval workout! We ran for 15 minutes to warm up , followed by 35 minutes of running 3 minutes, sprinting a minute, and walking a minute. We covered 4.25 miles! Our sprinting was mostly around the 8-8.5 minute miles, but I hit a six minute mile on the last one! After the first few minutes out my legs were feeling really good! I kept it slower for Alex and if I hadn’t I probably would have burned out. My legs were definitely dead after the 5th interval. Yay team work! She definitely helped encourage me on! The weather was perfect! Mid-60s and overcast, even slightly misting part of the time. Seriously ideal for our run.

After getting back I had a cold piece of leftover veggie pizza


While this satisfied me, I’m trying to focus on not restricting calories to lose weight. I’m kind of short on veggies today, but I didn’t think to buy more stirfry veggies at the store. So instead I’m now having a mini bag of popcorn and a pumpkin beer! This is really good. I’ve tried Dogfish Head’s Punkin beer in the past and it was too spicy. This is perfect though could easily be dominated by whatever food you’re eating.


The weather today was so inspiring! I went to Kroger after our run and bought ingredients to make pumpkin waffles! And with the leftover ingredients I’ll make biscuits with chives and oatmeal cookies 🙂 I’m going to be domestic this week 🙂

And with that I’m going to finish my beer, take a shower, do some yoga to stretch out and hit the sack! I need to catch up from my late night Saturday night.


Could you repeat that?

Breakfast I got my free Bear Naked sample in the mail yesterday! There’s an ad on Facebook you can request a sample though. I’m a fan of cranberry raisin.



It has a lovely ingredient list (all pronounceable!). The flavor couldn’t hold up against my yogurt though. The yogurt isn’t very strongly flavored vanilla, but I could only really taste the raisins in this mix. I ended up just eating the cereal off the top and finishing the yogurt with some Kashi Go Lean for a little extra fiber.

A coworker went to her doctor this morning, who’s office is next door to a local bakery. She brought back donuts! I nabbed a red velvet donut which had chocolate icing 🙂 (Our wedding cake was red velvet) You can tell they donuts are made in store. Mine was actually a little dry but I suffered through and ate it. No picture though. sorry!

Lunch More shrimp fried rice. I added some thawed stir fry vegetables at lunch time.


Snack I have a picture of a pear for you today! It’s amazing! The donut held me through the morning so I waited and ate the pear this afternoon.


Dinner Are you sick of seeing this yet? Because I’m getting a little tired of it. This is the last of the fried rice though. It just tastes more and more buttery the longer I have to eat it. It’s good, especially when I add my own vegetables, but I’ve had four meals of it now? It’s a bit much.


Dan’s friends aren’t here yet. Their ETA keeps being pushed back by two hours here or two hours there. I’m having a cup of black tea (with peach syrup) in the hopes that it will keep me awake enough to read until they get here. But first I have to get through the Shall We Dance scene in The King and I. My favorite!


Breakfast Today I had a much healthier green monster! Two big handfuls of spinach, some rhubarb, protein powder, water, a banana and I have breakfast for two days in a row:


With a peanut butter sandwich to round things out


Lunch was eaten in two stages again today. Salad at 11 to stop my tummy from rumbling


And tuna and a serving of these crackers at noon:


This basically taste like Wheat Thins, but they also taste slightly buttered. Tasty, but maybe not as healthy as I was hoping.

Dinner was microwaved egg, some black beans, peppers, rice, cheese, and Mrs Dash chipotle seasoning. A little on the dry side, eaten with some tortilla chips.


I didn’t sleep well last night so the plan is to watch perhaps a little more Gossip Girl, do some much needed yoga (didn’t stretch very well after the gym yesterday and my quads are feeling it today), and if I manage to perk up I might put together a special post before bed. We’ll see how much work getting pictures off my backup drive ends up being.

Grill it up!

Sorry Saturday’s post is late. We had friends over to watch the Georgia game and I would have felt rude pulling my computer out to blog.

Starting at the beginning I had Kashi Go Lean with yogurt for Breakfast



Late Friday night Hubby and I headed to the grocery store for various items. He’s decided to try vegetarianism again and is also going to try to cut down on caffeine/soda consumption. He wanted to get some juice and after comparing nutritional stats found Oceonspray Cranergy to have more vitamins than V8.


I tried some of the pomegranate cranberry flavor yesterday morning and was rather disappointed. I hate how Splenda completely over powers the taste of whatever its used in.

Exercise! I finally got back around to doing some Shredding! And My hamstrings are tight today. I just did level 2, followed by some vacuuming and kitchen cleaning. How exciting!

For lunch I had a salad with spinach, balsamic vinaigrette, and some cheese for protein and a few bites of bell pepper (not all those pictures here)



followed by some chip and the last of the salsa, with a little bit of Dr. Pepper


Dinner involved a few boys and a grill. I put together vegetable skewers and packets of aspargus (with Hubby as my lovely sous chef), Hubby trimmed and seasoned some steaks, Adam brought spicy sausages, Alex and Dan made cheesy potatoes. Here’s my plate: veggies, a california burger (that got a bit well done), a sausage, and lots of tasty potatoes.



After the veggies come off the grill I toss them in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yum yum yum.

I keep telling myself I’m going to run… but I’m still very tired. I might have caught up on sleep from last weekend had I not interrupted my sleep every night to give the dogs their meds. I’m going to go take a nap and will hopefully feel more up to grocery shopping and running later. Today is my only chance to shop for the next few days, but Hubby and I are going out for our anniversary tonight!