… or Thank God For Heating Pads. Since Rose is so weak and already has a bit of hip displasia she has trouble standing these days, so I’ve been carrying her up and down the stairs. Well this morning, well away from Rose, I made some move in my office chair and pulled something in my lower back. I’ve done this before but I think I can confidently say that this is the worst its been. If I don’t focus on supporting myself with my abs simply taking a step twerks it. Not to mention stepping down a step. That one really hurt. But after some quality time with ye olde heating pad and Dan’s recliner it’s feeling lovely. Yay and thank God.

Well Rose still isn’t eating, so she’s looking like this:


Her belly bulges because she’s been spayed twice and we think they cut her abdominal muscles during the second attempt (don’t ask, the story incurs a lot of eye rolling). But she’s lost so much weight. I picked up a new medicine today, a ‘mild appetite stimulant.’ So far no good, but maybe later.

And here’s what Gypsy decided to do to our couch the other night:


It’s a hand-me-down, but still extremely frustrating.

In other news most of today’s eats were pretty basic. Pumpkin oatmeal with pumpkin granola and part of a pumpkin muffin for breakie (wooo, if that doesn’t prove the obsession I don’t know what will). Camera at the picture.

Snack was basically last week’s combo of roasted almonds, cashews, and cereal. I ate half in the morning with a tangerine and the other half in the afternoon. This week’s cereal of choice is Post Shredded Wheat n Bran. It is very bland, but I don’t mind too much.


Lunch a spinach salad with the last of a bag of almond slices and the best hard boiled egg I’ve had yet. As far as I can tell it was almost verging on soft-boiled, the yolk still nice and bright and soft. It’s seemed to have more flavor that way. Loved it! Boiled for 7.5 minutes then run under cold water to stop the cooking. It’s so tempting to grab another out of the fridge, but I’m still satisfied from my yummy dinner.


I had been planning on making shrimp stirfry with cashew rice since I have a whole batch of rice that Rose won’t eat. After hurting my back I didn’t much want to be standing in the kitchen cooking so I took some of the brown rice, about a third of a can of light kidney beans (drained and rinsed), and some Mrs Dash tomato, basil and garlic seasoning. And then I added the most exciting ingredient… Kale! I was determined to get some at the farmer’s market this weekend and we got there as multiple stands started selling out. I nabbed a bag! I just massaged it with some olive oil and kosher salt for a few minutes until it was nice and bruised and doused it in lemon juice (too much salt and citrus, really, but that worked well with the rice and beans). Easy peasy. I didn’t realize just how big a bag that was, I don’t think I used quite half of it and there was a ton for Hubs and I! I’m thinking I’ll try my hand at kale chips tomorrow 🙂



One of my best friends, who I haven’t seen in over two years, emailed me the other day asking me about the blog. She wanted to know how I started eating healthy while sticking with a budget and in a very, very long reply, I decided to also make it into a blog page! Check out the new My Healthy Journey page! I’ll be adding to it as I think of things and probably making things less convoluted as I go, for not its just copy and paste! Enjoy!