Further technical difficulties…

Well my computer is good and healthy again. Nice and fast and shiny and new. Sadly I can’t upload my pictures now. I’ll be calling Canon tomorrow to find out whether this is a glitch with Snow Leopard and what can be done.

I’m also trying to move to self-hosting but my WordPress blog is slightly too large to import myself, so I’m having to look for another option. I will let you know when we’ve moved! The new web address will be www.seecatrun.com, when it comes!

But on to happy things!

Last week I was testing myself to see if I could still run for half an hour straight. Well I can! And the first week of my next training plan is simply running for half an hour straight for four days of the week. So yesterday I started on the second week, increasing my distance! The schedule says to run for 32 minutes and for the following six minutes, run a minute, walk a minute. So really I had to add three minutes to my running time at once! It was kind of tough, but because it was labor day I was able to get up at 8:00 and go meaning it was fairly comfortable. Another Motion Traxx podcast got me through! I seriously just zoned out to the music and don’t remember any specifics about the run until I got to the new stuff at the end.

Alrighty, I got less than five hours of sleep last night (we got home from Atlanta late), so I’m giving up on my technology issues for tonight and going to bed! Goodnight! Hopefully I will have a more colorful post tomorrow!