Two for one

Good evening! Yesterday was a long day. As in a 23 hour day. I’m sure you’re understanding enough to forgive me 🙂

Since Hubs and I stayed up watching Rome Thursday night and then Gypsy woke me up to be taken out at 4 am, I only had time for cereal and soy milk for Friday’s breakfast.


More cereal and roasted almonds for a snack. I forgot about my tangerine so never got around to eating it. In face, it’s still in my purse… I think it can (and otherwise would) stay there till Monday.


Since Hubs was spending the morning at a coffee shop I didn’t feel bad walking downtown to get some coffee for myself. Cell phone picture! My excitement over a decent camera will fade eventually.


Lunch was the last of my Dominos pizza. Yum!


After work I took the dogs to the vet and on the way Gypsy threw up in my car. Luckily I had the back seats folded down so it isn’t in an area that people will sit and I made Hubs clean it up when I got home… the dogs have a slight bacterial problem and were dehydrated so were given fluids by IV. We’ve been fixing them scrambled eggs instead of actual dog food and they’ve seemed okay this weekend.

I had Hubby have a gin and tonic ready for me when I returned. It already felt like a long day.


Unfortunately once our friends arrived (in town for a concert) whisky shots were served. After a run to the liquor store we dropped Amber and Will at the concert and I talked Hubby into going to Your Pie for dinner. You get personal pizzas to your preference. I got a whole wheat crust, classic sauce, no cheese, red onions, broccoli, spinach, and black olives.


I ate half and brought the other half home.

After the concert we met our friends downtown and went to the Grill for second dinner. I got the veggie omelete with homefries and wheat toast. It was good! So cheesy.


Then back across the street to Walker’s Pub. I’ve had friends speak highly of their hot apple pie drink and now that it’s not summer I finally got around to trying it. It is hot apple cider, vanilla vodka and vanilla liquor with a cinnamon stick. I actually didn’t finish it, I was expecting something sweeter.


Amber and Will had to leave early this morning because Will had a law school seminar to go to. Hubs and I didn’t bother getting up since we didn’t go to bed until 4:30 am.

I remembered to pull the apple bread out of the freezer yesterday.



And finally used it to make french toast! I sliced the whole loaf but put half of it back in the freezer.


It was so. good. Nice and crsipy for the most part, but nice and soft and gooey where the apples were. I ate it with fake syrup and more cinnamon.

Breakfast was eaten at 12:30 or so and I slept all afternoon, so the next meal of the day was dinner. We were waiting on Alex and Dan to get back to our place, so I had an oatmeal cookie to help hold me over.


Dinner was the last of the chili from Hubby’s coworker, greens we bought at last weekend’s farmer’s market sauteed with garlic, olive oil, and some syrup, and half of a sweet potato with butter and brown sugar. And chips for chili transport. It was such a good dinner. And dessert was more chips.


Even though I’m in the middle of reading two other books, I started reading Outlander a day or two after Jenna mentioned how much she loves the series. I might be a little hooked so I’m going to go feed the addiction… As much as I’m loving Michael Pollan’s books, I think I need a break from nonfiction. I’m completely gobbling this up! There’s nothing like a book that manages to suck you in and make you forget the world for a bit.