Happy Anniversary, love!

Two years ago today (it was a Saturday back then) I married my sweetheart. I wanted to share pictures as I relived the evening, but I’m afraid I can’t find the dvd that has all 500-odd wedding pictures on it. Instead you get some rather lame photographs of our wedding album. It was beautiful and my only regret is not having a videographer to record the evening, it certainly passed in a bit of a blur!



The dress, the shoes, the bridesmaids, a fountain, the “getting ready” shot, flowers, bridesmaids


Me and my mom


the Hubs, his dad and step mother, and all the boys


Loved the first shot of the ceremony, our wine ceremony, first kiss!, and officially married


I guess I can’t say that he never dances with me… 🙂


We got married at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and it was beautiful.

Sorry these came out so horribly, maybe I’ll find the dvd by the time our next anniversary rolls around!