Perhaps I should have had slightly less cake… But I figure I’ll be eating it eventually, might as well go ahead and do so before it gets too much more stale 🙂

Breakfast as usual (Greek yogurt, Go Lean):


My almost snacks (ate the banana and ended up eating a mini bag of popcorn instead of the Luna):


Lunch was leftover from the last two nights’ dinners:


Some other pictures ended up on my camera sometime today:


Punkin-head and Gypsy-butt. (Isn’t it interesting how pet nicknames evolve?)


Git-it Rose!

Anyway… It actually wasn’t raining when I got off work so I definitely could have gone for a run and tried out my new Garmin, but honestly I’m still quite sore and stiff from what I did Tuesday, I’ve been having stomach issues all week (IBS I’m guessing, more on that in a few) and I didn’t get to sleep till 1 this morning and of course didn’t exactly get excellent sleep after that, just to wake up at the usual 5:45 (thanks Huz for the ride work, letting me sleep in an extra half hour). So the run got skipped. For how much less sleep than I’m used to I actually haven’t felt horrible this week, but I still plan to hit the sack here in a few. 

I opted to save the last batch of leftovers for lunch tomorrow and had a Kashi pizza for dinner instead. Definitely debated eating just half, but then thought about the approximate calories I’ve taken in today and decided that though a serving is only 1/3 of a pie, I could stand to eat the whole thing. 



Slightly smaller than a dinner plate and I think my favorite so far. Definitely could/should have kept the cake to one slice.

I think I’m probably going to be walking to work tomorrow and if so I’m definitely going to wear my Garmin, just for kicks… If I hadn’t been expecting it to rain today I would have taken it to work and worn it on the walk home. Oh well.


So I’m blaming my stomach problems either on the increased cake consumption (sugar/richness) and increased coffee consumption (selfexplanatory) or IBS. I’m definitely miserable with my class situation. I don’t particularly enjoy being at work and losing my hour lunch break and staying an extra hour and a half late to make up time lost to class has been making me pretty miserable this week. I’m taking a class on Renaissance and Reformation Europe, which quite frankly could probably stand to be taught over more than just a month. Class start last Friday and our midterm is a week from today. So I’m unhappy being at work for what feels like so long (still technically only 8 hours though) and because we’re covering so much history in so short a time period my life outside of work/class is homework, so the two disks of One Tree Hill I currently possess have been put on major hold, not to mention how the clean laundry will be sitting unfolded in the hampers with the dirty on the floor. And don’t even think about the disappearance of my running. I did consider dropping earlier this week, but I’ve missed the window. Now I know to avoid short session classes at all costs. I’m only in this one because I may want the professor to be my graduate advisor and its been strongly recommended that I get to know those people that I might want to work with before applying since they have a say in my admissions decision.

The running is something else that’s really bothering me. Running is the one thing that I really do for me. Work is an obligation. Class is a might-as-well. Chores… well duh. But running no one else is pushing me to do (like getting a free master’s degree). I do it purely for myself. And it kind of feels like I just got it since I reached my first major goal two days before class started and haven’t completely had time since. Running for half an hour makes me a real runner, in my mind, no matter how slow it may be. I know that very brief interval workouts are also great and will help me get faster on my longer runs (trust me, I feel it) but it feels like a cop-out. Like when I was first starting out and doing the run a minute, walk a minute thing. I feel like just as soon as I’ve found something I could be passionate about, it’s been taken away from me.

So while its only a month, it’s going to be a pretty miserable one for me. I won’t mention this again, though. You can expect my posts to be rather brief until July 2nd because I have so little time for myself these days.

And now I’m going to go try to get an extra hour or so of sleep, though I should really catch up farther on my homework. First paper due Monday with Sunday devoted long ago to friends. </debbiedowner>