Happy Anniversary, love!

Two years ago today (it was a Saturday back then) I married my sweetheart. I wanted to share pictures as I relived the evening, but I’m afraid I can’t find the dvd that has all 500-odd wedding pictures on it. Instead you get some rather lame photographs of our wedding album. It was beautiful and my only regret is not having a videographer to record the evening, it certainly passed in a bit of a blur!



The dress, the shoes, the bridesmaids, a fountain, the “getting ready” shot, flowers, bridesmaids


Me and my mom


the Hubs, his dad and step mother, and all the boys


Loved the first shot of the ceremony, our wine ceremony, first kiss!, and officially married


I guess I can’t say that he never dances with me… 🙂


We got married at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and it was beautiful.

Sorry these came out so horribly, maybe I’ll find the dvd by the time our next anniversary rolls around!



Breakfast Today I had a much healthier green monster! Two big handfuls of spinach, some rhubarb, protein powder, water, a banana and I have breakfast for two days in a row:


With a peanut butter sandwich to round things out


Lunch was eaten in two stages again today. Salad at 11 to stop my tummy from rumbling


And tuna and a serving of these crackers at noon:


This basically taste like Wheat Thins, but they also taste slightly buttered. Tasty, but maybe not as healthy as I was hoping.

Dinner was microwaved egg, some black beans, peppers, rice, cheese, and Mrs Dash chipotle seasoning. A little on the dry side, eaten with some tortilla chips.


I didn’t sleep well last night so the plan is to watch perhaps a little more Gossip Girl, do some much needed yoga (didn’t stretch very well after the gym yesterday and my quads are feeling it today), and if I manage to perk up I might put together a special post before bed. We’ll see how much work getting pictures off my backup drive ends up being.

Brunch When we got up at 10:00 (after I got up at 6 for the dogs) Hubby kindly made me an omelet with Italian blend cheeses. Yum! I love eggs. And cheese makes everything better!


Soon afterward I made myself some toast (which got a bit well done) with cinnamon and sugar and ate a pear.


Snack After my nap and trip to the grocery store I had a minibag of popcorn to see me over till dinner.

Dinner Our second wedding anniversary is Tuesday 🙂 We were originally going out of town this weekend, until our dogs decided to rack up some major vet bills. Because of that original plan, Hubby’s working on our actual anniversary. So we went to a restaurant called Last Resort tonight to celebrate.

We started out with a bottle of zinfandel. We had a great zinfandel on the last night of our honeymoon and brought home a bottle which we drank on our first anniversary (we somehow didn’t  actually receive the top tier of our wedding cake). This isn’t the same brand, but it’s quite good.


I had about 2.5 pieces of bread which was literally fresh out of the oven. We had to wait for it! Quite tasty.

I also had a salad with a balsamic vinaigrette.


I ordered one of the specials for my entree:


The catch of the day was tilapia over red onion and red peppers, topped with a chipotle mint pesto. It came with kale and cheese grits.


The fish was seared and then baked in parchment. I was so excited to try kale! I read about it on almost every blog out there but haven’t had the guts to try it myself. It was so good! I loved the lemon juice and how it brought out the flavor of the greens (Hubby’s reaction to the kale was that “some greens should be left alone”). I totally cleaned my plate.

Hubby got the salmon and grits which was Atlantic salmon on a bed of Charlestonian grits with a caper cream sauce. Pretty tasty. I liked mine better 🙂


On a whim I ordered some decaf coffee while Hubs ordered regular (study study study) and was so excited to try another new item! They had Truvia! I’ve been curious about stevia too and was pleasantly surprised with Truvia. The coffee was perfect with a single packet. Not sweet, but not the usual bitter either.


My excitement was soon eclipsed by dessert… Hubby was set on a mocha toffee cheesecake so I opted for my own cake slice of tiramasu layer cake. It wasn’t tiramasu but it was still fabulous!


I ate it all. No regrets. Hubby gave his two week notice at work this past Thursday so we won’t be eating very adventurously for quite awhile. It will be good for him and we’ll get creative about budgeting even further. Dinner tonight was absolutely fabulous and such a treat.