Sad goodbyes

We found out at the vet on Friday that Rose was suffering from kidney failure and that her earlier vomiting could have been related. We set her up on aggressive fluid therapy and left her at the vet for the night. The vet was kind enough to stop by and check on her on his way home from a meeting in Atlanta and there was no change, though she should have produced more urine than she had. When we called to check on her in the morning the vet tech said she was the same, though the doctor soon called us back and told us that had there been marked improvements overnight he might have held out hope but he felt it would be kindest to put her down. We said goodbye at 11:45 on Saturday and were with her as she went. We buried her in the back yard and planted two azalea bushes in her memory.

As many of you know I loved her like a child. Please forgive me if I take the weekend off of blogging.

Screen shot 2009-11-08 at 2.34.26 PM


Hump day already?

Yes I suppose it is, lucky us! Tomorrow’s my Friday again ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going in for a doctor’s appointment Friday morning and judging by my most recent experiences, I might require a bit more recovery than the average woman and went ahead and asked for the day off. Plus it’s my mommy’s birthday, an old friend is in Atlanta, and we just happen to be heading to that town Friday night for a concert with my parents anyway… Isn’t it nice how things work out sometimes?

Well now that we’ve established what I’m looking forward to I’ll briefly mention that I’ve had a stressful evening as relates to my baby, Rose, but I successfully got her to eat some yogurt, so things might be looking up? She’s so weak she can’t even stand, did I mention that? If we couldn’t get her to eat tonight or tomorrow ย morning I’d have to stress my already understaffed office even further by requesting time off at the last minute to take her to the vet. But she ate yogurt! How much of it was actual interest and how much just my yogurt covered finger in the right place while her tongue was licking her lips, I don’t know. But it’s a victory.

To be brief, there was pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast and I couldn’t resist another yummy egg


More trail mix, forgot the tangerine


With leftover rice and bean for lunch, so good!


I had been leaning towards spaghetti for dinner but Hubs requested fast food so that we could get to Walmart and home soon enough to get a nap before he had to go to lab. Well he didn’t have time for a nap, but I got to eat at Zaxby’s for the first time. I have a good friend who loves Zaxby’s and could never believe I’d never eaten there. I decided to go for the chicken tender plate to try a bit of everything. And Hubs wanted both wings and chicken tenders so it might have saved a little money. I ate 3 of the 5 chicken tenders with the Zaxby’s sauce, all of the crinkle fries, Texas toast, and coleslaw.


The sauce was interesting and I’m a sucker for cheap coleslaw, but I seem to be losing my taste for fried chicken. It just wasn’t appealing after three tenders! The toast was lacking garlic flavoring but the fries were awesome! I think crinkle fries are tied with steak fries as my favorite.

I had been hoping to run today but knew it wouldn’t happen when I hurt my back today. After spending yesterday evening with the heating pad it was feeling much better until I tried to carry a stack of books from one book truck to a cart. Ooops.

I’m exhausted. Time to shower then try to feed Rose again. Hopefully I’ll have time to read a chapter of my book and still get to bed early.


… or Thank God For Heating Pads. Since Rose is so weak and already has a bit of hip displasia she has trouble standing these days, so I’ve been carrying her up and down the stairs. Well this morning, well away from Rose, I made some move in my office chair and pulled something in my lower back. I’ve done this before but I think I can confidently say that this is the worst its been. If I don’t focus on supporting myself with my abs simply taking a step twerks it. Not to mention stepping down a step. That one really hurt. But after some quality time with ye olde heating pad and Dan’s recliner it’s feeling lovely. Yay and thank God.

Well Rose still isn’t eating, so she’s looking like this:


Her belly bulges because she’s been spayed twice and we think they cut her abdominal muscles during the second attempt (don’t ask, the story incurs a lot of eye rolling). But she’s lost so much weight. I picked up a new medicine today, a ‘mild appetite stimulant.’ So far no good, but maybe later.

And here’s what Gypsy decided to do to our couch the other night:


It’s a hand-me-down, but still extremely frustrating.

In other news most of today’s eats were pretty basic. Pumpkin oatmeal with pumpkin granola and part of a pumpkin muffin for breakie (wooo, if that doesn’t prove the obsession I don’t know what will). Camera at the picture.

Snack was basically last week’s combo of roasted almonds, cashews, and cereal. I ate half in the morning with a tangerine and the other half in the afternoon. This week’s cereal of choice is Post Shredded Wheat n Bran. It is very bland, but I don’t mind too much.


Lunch a spinach salad with the last of a bag of almond slices and the best hard boiled egg I’ve had yet. As far as I can tell it was almost verging on soft-boiled, the yolk still nice and bright and soft. It’s seemed to have more flavor that way. Loved it! Boiled for 7.5 minutes then run under cold water to stop the cooking. It’s so tempting to grab another out of the fridge, but I’m still satisfied from my yummy dinner.


I had been planning on making shrimp stirfry with cashew rice since I have a whole batch of rice that Rose won’t eat. After hurting my back I didn’t much want to be standing in the kitchen cooking so I took some of the brown rice, about a third of a can of light kidney beans (drained and rinsed), and some Mrs Dash tomato, basil and garlic seasoning. And then I added the most exciting ingredient… Kale! I was determined to get some at the farmer’s market this weekend and we got there as multiple stands started selling out. I nabbed a bag! I just massaged it with some olive oil and kosher salt for a few minutes until it was nice and bruised and doused it in lemon juice (too much salt and citrus, really, but that worked well with the rice and beans). Easy peasy. I didn’t realize just how big a bag that was, I don’t think I used quite half of it and there was a ton for Hubs and I! I’m thinking I’ll try my hand at kale chips tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚



One of my best friends, who I haven’t seen in over two years, emailed me the other day asking me about the blog. She wanted to know how I started eating healthy while sticking with a budget and in a very, very long reply, I decided to also make it into a blog page! Check out the new My Healthy Journey page! I’ll be adding to it as I think of things and probably making things less convoluted as I go, for not its just copy and paste! Enjoy!

Sick dogs

I can’t totally blame it all on Rose… part of the lack of posts is due to just plain laziness on my part. I know Gina understands! (Hope Bella is feeling better!)

Last night I tried to install Flickr manager and it doesn’t work, so I backed up the blog and upgraded WordPress. Still no dice. So I’ll stick with regular uploading. But I had to wait for the backup last night. And the night before… well… I think there was a struggle to get dinner cooked, get me showered, spend time with Hubster, and get to bed at least slightly early. Sorry! I’m back! I promise!

I’m back to pumpkin oats for breakfast. Same basic mix of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, canned pumpkin, brown sugar, vanilla extract and oats (cooked per the instructions on the canister) plus granola on top.


Granola is the key ingredient, I swear. And I bought two bags during a little foray to Trader Joe’s Sunday night ๐Ÿ™‚ The concert was right across the street from my high school… which just happens to be right across the street from Trader Joes. How could I not pass through? Amazingly I forgot pumpkin butter though. Oh well, I’ll be back in Atlanta next Friday ๐Ÿ˜‰

A coworker brought in Krispy Kreme donuts this morning and I succumbed when no one else seemed to be eating them. Didn’t want her to feel unappreciated or anything. Plus she brought in pumpkin spice donuts! We all know my pumpkin obsession around here. It actually was’t all that flavorful, but definitely left me nice and full.


For lunch I took more leftover soup which looked like a mashup of these two soups (roasted vegetable lentil on the left, butternut squash with chicken sausage on the right):


I made the second soup last night because a) I had half a butternut squash to use, b) I had half a box of veggie stock to use and c) Hubs didn’t like the lentils in the first soup, so I decided to try something we could both eat. He liked the butternut squash/sausage soup better but I didn’t. Next time I’ll make the squash/sweet potato soup again and just put lentils in half and maybe sausage in the other half. The sweet potato lends it a little hint of sweetness and I think creamy soups with no texture kind of weird me out in general. Also the sausage I picked has fennel seeds in it, which I didn’t realize and don’t care for.

But I combined the two for leftovers which worked out well today. I actually ate half during lunch and half after. Soups fill me up quickly but don’t hold me for long. I was rather surprised to find myself full so quickly but happy that I listened to my body. I’m trying to work on that. I also took a salad to eat and didn’t need it so its in the office fridge for tomorrow.

Dinner was eaten in two parts… I had an unpictured hardboiled egg (made some for Rose this morning and had a weird craving for one), a very small spinach salad with balsamic, parmesan, and almond slices.


And two slices of thin crust pizza with sauce, onion, and a scattering of spinach. Hubby added cheese and chili peppers to his half.


I received a coupon for a free 3 lb bag of honeycrisp apples from Earthfare when I next make a purchase. I currently have 5 on the counter and the coupon expires Sunday so I think y’all can expect to see some baked apples or maybe something inspired by this apple recipe soon. We’re having a Halloween get together (not a party, a football game watching session) so I might make a twist on a crumble inspired by Tina’s stuffed apples for dessert.


When Dan is around, there are bound to be some of these:


The football game was cold and rainy Saturday night so when the gang got home, after running for a change of clothes, something to warm them was demanded. No whisky for hot toddys, so Dan lit things on fire instead. Last time he did this they tasted so gross he actually spit his onto me. I passed this time. Pretty cool looking though.


Sunday we went to Atlanta to take advantage of our parents having free items we needed (desk chairs, computer monitors) and I completely forgot my camera! Which is a shame since we went to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch (George’s Bar and Grill) and were taken out for a nice anniversary dinner where we had some awesome food. We went to Bonefish and everyone was very impressed.

Monday… well… there’s no good excuse for Monday.

And before I start on today’s eats I’d like to say that I haven’t been to the grocery store in over a week so I’m very limited in my available food…

Breakfast Hubs decided we could splurge on breakfast so we stopped by Chickfila on our way to drop me off at work (he had to have the car to drop Rose off to finally have surgery on her mouth). I wanted just an egg and cheese bagel but we both got flustered and confused when going through the drivethru so it came with the chicken too. I was going to take the chicken off, but they put the cheese on top of it instead of under the egg, so I just ate it all. The bagel itself was pretty disappointing, but I think that might be because I had to let it sit for half an hour before I could eat so it was a bit soggy. Overall it was pretty tasty and actually has less sodium than the usual chicken biscuit and only 50 more calories.


Lunch Hubs has collected Subway scrabble pieces and gave me a couple for free six inch subs. Since I have no jelly and peanut butter between two pieces of bread is a little dull (though probably what I’ll have again tomorrow) I decided to use one today. May I present a veggie sub on 9 grain wheat bread:


Let’s see, this had:

  • lettuce
  • red onion
  • olive
  • tomato
  • banana pepper
  • green pepper
  • pickles
  • cucumber
  • white American cheese
  • oil and vinegar
  • oregano


I also splurged and paid for chips and a drink. Soda was sounding good so I had one. And I saved the (unpictured) chips for a rather needed snack later in the day.

Dinner I had leftover mac’n’cheese from last night (the blue box kind) so I warmed that up. Thawed stirfry veggies. Potato salad someone bought on Saturday.


And salmon that our guests didn’t eat. I only had a small piece of Hubby’s. (Guess what mom, second time eating salmon in three days). I’m pretty sure he used this recipe (minus the dill that we don’t have). It was pretty good.


My poor Rosita is pouty because her mouth is sore again and I’m sure she’s noticed by now that something seems to be missing (she no longer has front teeth on top). She’s back on pain medicine though so she’ll be okay in a day or so. Unfortunately the vet noticed that her spleen is enlarged. We’re hoping it’s just because it has been making more red blood cells having to replace all those lost. The other option seems to be a tumor ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Where’s the pet insurance when you need it?

I’m off to work on finishing The Thrive Diet. Only 40 pages left of content before getting to the meal plan and recipes. I think I can finish by Thursday. If anyone’s feeling generous I’d love a copy of this book though so that I can have the recipes! Or I think I do. I haven’t really read them yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Food post!

It’s about time, eh?

Breakfast: I had a serving of ย Kashi Go Lean and about a 3/4 a serving of Dannon natural low fat (non fat?) yogurt. Since everyone else is watching a movie in the living room I’m probably going to skip making a smoothie tonight and have this same breakfast again tomorrow.


Hubby went to the vet with me and the dogs this morning. Gypsy is now on pain meds, but otherwise she’s good. Rose is going in for surgery on Wednesday. I don’t know how she’s handled so much pain so far! I guess because she’s a pit bull. I’m amazed, after seeing the inside of her mouth, that she’s soooooo willing to eat! She needs stitches on the left upper side, he’s going to try to pull some gum tissue for the right upper side where you can see all of her jaw bone, and her front teeth and a little bit of bone are just holding on by a little bit of gum. My baby is such a trooper! She’s now on two pain medicines and we got some ointment for her eyes.

On the way home we stopped by Chickfila and got a second breakfast. Chicken biscuit and a small coffee. Yum yum yum.


Lunch: leftover Annie’s bunnies and cheese from… Friday night?


And a bit later I had a salad with Italian mix with mushrooms and sliced almonds


And a cookie! My father and brother in law came out for a cook out last Saturday and my mother in law sent cookies when she wasn’t able to come. Chocolate chocolate chips with either walnuts or pecans.


After napping most of the afternoon we made a much needed trip for groceries. I realized this afternoon that half the canned food I bought for Rose is actual chunks of meat instead of all ground and I think it hurt her to try to eat it, so we had to buy more.

While there I got another Pillsbury pizza crust. We split it down the middle. My half had sauce, a little bit of cheese, red, yellow, and green peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and some cherry tomatoes that were on their last leg.



And more dessert! the last piece of pound cake, split in half with the Husband.


I also drank half a gin and tonic before accidently dropping it and splashing Rose’s (uninjured) back end, who hightailed it away. She definitely seems to be feeling a lot better now that she’s on two pain meds.

I’m still exhausted! I’m going to go hit the sheets. Luckily my lunch is already put together for tomorrow. I really wish I didn’t have to leave the girls again tomorrow, but I told my boss this morning that I’ll be in late Wednesday after dropping Rose off at the vet and that I might have to be out Thursday to watch her. I already requested off on Friday because I have some doctors appointments scheduled. I wish I could stay home, but we’re already short staffed at work and I feel guilty. We’ll just have to lock the girls up separately tomorrow.

Jai ho! And Jason Mraz!

I love this song. I still haven’t seen Slumdog Millionare, but I had seen the song talked about as great for an exercise playleist and had to seek it out. The video from the movie (not an official music video) is so much better than the Pussycat Dolls’ interpretation. Or Pussycat Dolls with Nicole Sherzinger. I didn’t realize she was so famous on her own as to actually differentiate herself from the group.

I’m watching VH1’s top 20 video countdown, by the way. I’m a little obsessed with Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” too.

Well I got last weekend’s three loads of laundry folded and this weeks two washed, though not folded. Jason’s still in bed so I can’t get to the linens yet. I was rather wanting popcorn and varied back and forth between thinking I was hungry enough for it or no, but the folding kept me occupied long enough that I no longer wanted it. I did finally remember to have two of these ‘for desert’ though:


And a picture of the puppies snuggled up together


Oh my goodness, these ASPCA commercials always make me cry. I’m afraid that I’ve been a bad member and not donated yet. I did save my baby from the pound after an extremely neglectful owner finally surrendered her. And I feel her love and gratitude everyday.


… the day we brought her home. I’ll spare you the above shot, but it shows just how thin she is and how bad the staff infection on her back was. And now she’s happy and healthy, and a little clutzy, and completely worth it!

But enough of my PSA. Here’s breakfast this morning:


I left the flax seeds unmixed this morning for the picture’s sake, but I think it’s easier to eat if I mix them into the yogurt before I pour the cereal.

I miss sugar in my coffee! Though ideally I’ll go back to sleeping well enough not to need coffee, right? I keep hoping, I sure don’t like coffee, but it has more caffeine than tea and is better for you (and cheaper) than energy drinks.

This is one of those mornings that I wish the dogs could use a litter box. Taking them out in the rain is just such a pain. I get wet. They get wet. I have to dry them off. Well I’ve put it off long enough. See you at lunch!