We’re sideways again!

I honestly don’t know why sometimes my pictures will load upright and others they’ll flip back to their side. It frustrates me.

Breakfast: Well here’s the last of my green monster (used less strawberries and no rhubarb so it actually came out green). It was followed by a piece of wheat bread with peanut butter that I was in to big of a rush to photograph.


I made it through the morning without a snack, though I did have a cup of green tea with a packet of honey. I finally threw out my travel mug because after not having been used in a few months it still tastes like plastic and dish detergent and completely ruins any drink I try to carry in it. So I took a Waffle House mug that my darling husband “borrowed” years ago to the office to keep in my desk. It’s so much more convenient to heat water in the microwave than have to walk around to the snack bar to get water from the coffee maker. It’s just a box of Publix green tea and not very good. But I’m going to drink it before buying more.

Lunch: Another Mexican themed salad: spinach, three colors of peppers, red onion, corn, black beans. And sprouts.


With the last of my TJ’s salsa as dressing.


Snack: I made more granola bars! I used the last of my TJ’s almond butter and Welch’s berry medley dried fruit. I used the 1/4 cup Ange called for this time. Last time I just used the last of a jar of peanut butter and it was more than the recipe called for. This bar absolutely fell apart as soon as I unwrapped it so I think I’ll use more ‘glue’ next time.


And peach iced tea. Really all I taste in this is Splenda. Not my favorite. As much as I want to use this syrup up I think I’d enjoy my tea more with a little bit less.


Exercise: I had another really good run! It’s so exciting to have two in a row! I told myself I was going to run for 30 minutes to prove to myself I still can so that I can start my 30-min-to-an-hour training plan. So I took it slow. The official stats are:

  • Time: 32:30 minutes
  • Distance: 3.0 miles
  • Average pace: 10:50 mile

But these include stopping at two traffic lights though I think it was for less than 30 seconds each time. I’d like to think that it was more like 3 miles in 31.5 miles and at least an average pace of 10:00 miles. Oh well.

Dinner: I had another crown of broccoli begging to be eaten so Husband and I split another box of Annie’s pasta (shells and white cheddar) with broccoli.


He also microwaved up some chicken nuggets (Banquet brand?) and I somehow couldn’t say no. I’m so bad at intuitive eating! I don’t pay attention at all! I need to start working on that.



Inspired by Kath I ordered Gossip Girl from Netflix and watched the pilot tonight. I’ll stick through the dvd but I’m not hooked yet.

I also finished The Botany of Desire today! I really really enjoyed all of the history. Loved reading about Johnny Appleseed and the introduction of potatoes to Ireland. The last chapter convinced me not to eat anything but organic potatoes if I eat them at all. Which made me wonder what in the world I’m putting into my body eating non-organic spinach since it’s one of the “dirty dozen” (twelve produce items that are the ones that are really supposed to matter if you buy organic vs not)! I think I’m going to simplify my grocery list to make room in my budget to start buying organic spinach. Which makes getting a Sam’s membership even more appealing. I might get one with my co-worker so that we both get to save money.

I told myself I’d get to bed early tonight so that I don’t repeat last week’s fatigue and start slacking off on workouts again.

Do you find room in a food budget for healthier organics? If so, how?