A watched roll never toasts…

And yet if you leave said roll to do its business in private you come back to find it burnt. But at least I have pictures for you today!

Today I stirred my cinnamon into my oatmeal instead of just sprinkling it on top and boy what a difference it made! I got the perfect amount of cinnamon in every bite.

  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/2 banana
  • a drop of vanilla
  • 1 tbl cinnamon?
  • palmful of granola
  • however many loose raisins I could shake out of the bag
  • a little over a tbl of peanut butter


I actually have flax that I’d love to mix in with this as well but the coffee grinder constantly has coffee grounds in it these days and I’ve been taking a fish oil supplement for my omega-3s anyway. It can wait in the freezer a little bit longer.

I’ve been using Smucker’s natural honey peanut butter lately and it has dried out and is always hard from the fridge unlike any other natural style nut butter that I’ve tried. I also can’t taste the honey at all.

I’ve been mildly hungry all day and I’m not really sure why, but I went with it. I had a clementine when I first started getting hungry at about 9. At about 10 I had about half of my almond/shredded wheat’n’bran mix (that’s a two ounce container)


We bought roasted unsalted almonds from the bulk bins at Earthfare the other day and it’s taking me a little while to get used to them. I loved my salty Blue Diamond nuts! that’s what she said

Lunch was the usual…


coated in Ken’s lite raspberry walnut dressing, courtesy of a coworker. I liked the pomegranate flavor I had, but the raspberry walnut is much less syrup like and I think I like that better.

Afternoon… I had another clementine and the rest of my nuts and cereal. I was hungry again by the time I left work but skipped another snack and headed straight out on a run. It’s been in the low 40s most of the day, but with winds at 13 mph the “feels like” (is that the wind chill?) hasn’t gotten above 37. My bedroom was nice and warm from the afternoon sun and I finally pulled out the nice fluffy comforter last night for the bed… Boy was it hard to convince myself to ignore it, I seriously considered just crawling into bed with my book instead changing and heading back out into the elements. Oh goodness that run was painful, but I picked up the pace a bit and averaged about 10:40s for my three miles. I knew I’d regret not going more, to quote one of my very favorite bloggers, “pain is temporary, ¬†quitting is forever!” I could be uncomfortable for 45 minutes or so, or beat myself up for skipping it for a couple of days. I still hope not to have to repeat that any time soon though… wind, wind, go away….

Showered upon my return to thaw out! Brrr. Love my running tights but even with them my thighs were cold! I went from starting out feeling like I over dressed to finishing completely comfortable. Guess that’s good.

Dinner was random. I didn’t want to wait for rice to cook and didn’t want to interrupt Hub’s studying this morning to call and ask him to rinse, sort, and soak beans for me (no forethought, I’m telling you) so I ended up with a two egg fluff with nutritional yeast covered in salsa and corn chips.


I’ve been thinking about a bag of frozen peas in the freezer for a few days, so I decided to finally indulge tonight (I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with peas), doused in Mrs Dash tomato basil garlic seasoning. LOVE this combination, even if I end up smelling of garlic all night


I also had yet another HFCS laden Kroger buttermilk roll. Since I burnt the first and wasted it I told myself I couldn’t have another but the smell of a nice toasty roll was lingering in the kitchen and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it, so I toasted another one and kept a close eye out. I consider it my dessert. It actually happens a lot (more when I lived with my parents and bread was served more often with a meal) that I have bread instead of a sweet dessert. I do love it so.


Tomorrow night we’re having a couple’s Christmas tree event and then Hubs wants to go downtown with a friend to celebrate her being done with finals but hopefully Saturday I can get some cross training in either with a bike ride or a class at the gym, depending on the weather. I’ve definitely noticed a bit of weight gain that has become rather inconvenient since most of my sweaters are pretty form fitting. It’s more motivation that my bank account has been to get me back to the gym. Adding in strength training will help with weight loss and also, if done correctly, greatly help reduce my risk of injury from my running! It’s a win-win. Too bad I run on the only days that there are evening pilates classes. I’ll just have to find something new to try!

As tempting as it may be, I can’t blame the weight gain on hormone changes because I took most of a month off of exercise before the change was even made. I can blame my skin issues on it though. I was lucky in puberty and never really had an acne problem but I’ve definitely had more zits than ever in the past few weeks and I’m getting rather sick of them. Next time I go grocery shopping I’ll have to buys some creme to see if that helps. I’ll also ask the doc at my follow up in a week and a half if I can expect it to go away as my body continues to adjust. The bumps don’t even bother me all that much, I just wish it didn’t have to be painful!

So that’s what I’m struggling with these days. Goodnight!