Jai ho! And Jason Mraz!

I love this song. I still haven’t seen Slumdog Millionare, but I had seen the song talked about as great for an exercise playleist and had to seek it out. The video from the movie (not an official music video) is so much better than the Pussycat Dolls’ interpretation. Or Pussycat Dolls with Nicole Sherzinger. I didn’t realize she was so famous on her own as to actually differentiate herself from the group.

I’m watching VH1’s top 20 video countdown, by the way. I’m a little obsessed with Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” too.

Well I got last weekend’s three loads of laundry folded and this weeks two washed, though not folded. Jason’s still in bed so I can’t get to the linens yet. I was rather wanting popcorn and varied back and forth between thinking I was hungry enough for it or no, but the folding kept me occupied long enough that I no longer wanted it. I did finally remember to have two of these ‘for desert’ though:


And a picture of the puppies snuggled up together


Oh my goodness, these ASPCA commercials always make me cry. I’m afraid that I’ve been a bad member and not donated yet. I did save my baby from the pound after an extremely neglectful owner finally surrendered her. And I feel her love and gratitude everyday.


… the day we brought her home. I’ll spare you the above shot, but it shows just how thin she is and how bad the staff infection on her back was. And now she’s happy and healthy, and a little clutzy, and completely worth it!

But enough of my PSA. Here’s breakfast this morning:


I left the flax seeds unmixed this morning for the picture’s sake, but I think it’s easier to eat if I mix them into the yogurt before I pour the cereal.

I miss sugar in my coffee! Though ideally I’ll go back to sleeping well enough not to need coffee, right? I keep hoping, I sure don’t like coffee, but it has more caffeine than tea and is better for you (and cheaper) than energy drinks.

This is one of those mornings that I wish the dogs could use a litter box. Taking them out in the rain is just such a pain. I get wet. They get wet. I have to dry them off. Well I’ve put it off long enough. See you at lunch!