When Dan is around, there are bound to be some of these:


The football game was cold and rainy Saturday night so when the gang got home, after running for a change of clothes, something to warm them was demanded. No whisky for hot toddys, so Dan lit things on fire instead. Last time he did this they tasted so gross he actually spit his onto me. I passed this time. Pretty cool looking though.


Sunday we went to Atlanta to take advantage of our parents having free items we needed (desk chairs, computer monitors) and I completely forgot my camera! Which is a shame since we went to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch (George’s Bar and Grill) and were taken out for a nice anniversary dinner where we had some awesome food. We went to Bonefish and everyone was very impressed.

Monday… well… there’s no good excuse for Monday.

And before I start on today’s eats I’d like to say that I haven’t been to the grocery store in over a week so I’m very limited in my available food…

Breakfast Hubs decided we could splurge on breakfast so we stopped by Chickfila on our way to drop me off at work (he had to have the car to drop Rose off to finally have surgery on her mouth). I wanted just an egg and cheese bagel but we both got flustered and confused when going through the drivethru so it came with the chicken too. I was going to take the chicken off, but they put the cheese on top of it instead of under the egg, so I just ate it all. The bagel itself was pretty disappointing, but I think that might be because I had to let it sit for half an hour before I could eat so it was a bit soggy. Overall it was pretty tasty and actually has less sodium than the usual chicken biscuit and only 50 more calories.


Lunch Hubs has collected Subway scrabble pieces and gave me a couple for free six inch subs. Since I have no jelly and peanut butter between two pieces of bread is a little dull (though probably what I’ll have again tomorrow) I decided to use one today. May I present a veggie sub on 9 grain wheat bread:


Let’s see, this had:

  • lettuce
  • red onion
  • olive
  • tomato
  • banana pepper
  • green pepper
  • pickles
  • cucumber
  • white American cheese
  • oil and vinegar
  • oregano


I also splurged and paid for chips and a drink. Soda was sounding good so I had one. And I saved the (unpictured) chips for a rather needed snack later in the day.

Dinner I had leftover mac’n’cheese from last night (the blue box kind) so I warmed that up. Thawed stirfry veggies. Potato salad someone bought on Saturday.


And salmon that our guests didn’t eat. I only had a small piece of Hubby’s. (Guess what mom, second time eating salmon in three days). I’m pretty sure he used this recipe (minus the dill that we don’t have). It was pretty good.


My poor Rosita is pouty because her mouth is sore again and I’m sure she’s noticed by now that something seems to be missing (she no longer has front teeth on top). She’s back on pain medicine though so she’ll be okay in a day or so. Unfortunately the vet noticed that her spleen is enlarged. We’re hoping it’s just because it has been making more red blood cells having to replace all those lost. The other option seems to be a tumor 😦 Where’s the pet insurance when you need it?

I’m off to work on finishing The Thrive Diet. Only 40 pages left of content before getting to the meal plan and recipes. I think I can finish by Thursday. If anyone’s feeling generous I’d love a copy of this book though so that I can have the recipes! Or I think I do. I haven’t really read them yet. 🙂