I run so I can drink!

Well that makes me sound like I get shit-faced most nights of the week. I don’t. But I feel less guilty about having a beer if I can look at my Garmin and see that I burned about 460 calories earlier in the day. And cake. I run so I can eat cake!

I was completely exhausted all day, moving nice and slow. I almost let myself talk me out of running this afternoon but I knew I’d regret not going tomorrow when I had to get up to go run instead of sleeping in which is what my body really needs. All morning it was just begging me to find somewhere to curl up and sleep for another couple of hours. So tomorrow I will indulge since I got my run out of the way today.

Breakfast: Today I had a leftover smoothie from yesterday (spinach, water, whey protein, strawberries, rhubarb, frozen banana) and a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter. So tasty and so filling!


Snackage: Since I couldn’t make it all the way until lunch yesterday without a snack and was too lazy to make granola bars last night (but realized tonight I still have one in the freezer!!) I took the last of my dried fruit with quite a bit of Kashi Go Lean mixed in. So scrumptuous! I ate part in the morning, part in the afternoon:



Lunch: Lunch was also leftovers, imagine that. Yesterday the Husb invited me down to the student center for lunch so I got another veggie burrito in a wheat tortilla with black beans, cheese, lettuce, salsa and onions. I neglected to specify “just a little cheese” so it was quite cheesy at points. Here’s today’s portion:


Exercise: Like I said I almost talked myself out of exercising today, thinking I would just stretch this training week out over two weeks since we’re going out of town next weekend. But my legs weren’t feeling too tired so I thought I’d give it a try. I made it all the way through! Today’s plan called for: Run 32 minutes; for the next 8 minutes run two and walk two. I ran faster today than I did with Alex on Wednesday. It was more my normal pace but the last half was tough! I think zoning out to a MotionTraxx podcast really helped get me through. My average pace while running was a 10:51 mile, which is actually a tad slow. But I made it through and I can sleep in tomorrow 🙂 I’ve got my priorities straight.

Tomorrow is the first home game of the season and I actually got to run past the drumline who was out practicing! I paused my podcast to listen to them while in hearing range. They’re quite good! That was a fun treat. As I got closer to home and the highway again I started to see the RVs rolling into town for all those high-rolling alumni (or wannabe alumni) to enjoy the game from the “comfort of home.” I’d occasionally walk past those things parked last year and they have huge flat screen tvs loaded in those things!

I might root for the hometown team’s rival from my hometown but it was pretty cool to start to see the town really come alive. (I’m a GA Tech girl, what can I say? My dad’s an alumni as are many of my friends’ dads and I went to Agnes Scott, Tech’s “sister school”) Seeing the big ol’ football players riding around on their little free scooters makes it a bit more personal too. Traffic was terrible after work, but I’ve heard that Athens doubles its population on game days. I hadn’t realized before just how many people come into town the night before but I’m sure downtown will be packed tonight with all the bar hoppers.

Alright, enough football musings, it’s time for dessert and more Gossip Girl! Last episode of disc two so that I can send it back tomorrow. Mystery roommate Z has actually shown up tonight (first time I’ve seen him since we met him and agreed to let him move in. He moved his stuff in while I was at the beach) and brought a friend so I quietly surrendered the living room and I’m going to watch the preps on my laptop instead.

Here’s a shot of dessert:


It looks exactly the same as last night! How strange… 🙂


Further technical difficulties…

Well my computer is good and healthy again. Nice and fast and shiny and new. Sadly I can’t upload my pictures now. I’ll be calling Canon tomorrow to find out whether this is a glitch with Snow Leopard and what can be done.

I’m also trying to move to self-hosting but my WordPress blog is slightly too large to import myself, so I’m having to look for another option. I will let you know when we’ve moved! The new web address will be www.seecatrun.com, when it comes!

But on to happy things!

Last week I was testing myself to see if I could still run for half an hour straight. Well I can! And the first week of my next training plan is simply running for half an hour straight for four days of the week. So yesterday I started on the second week, increasing my distance! The schedule says to run for 32 minutes and for the following six minutes, run a minute, walk a minute. So really I had to add three minutes to my running time at once! It was kind of tough, but because it was labor day I was able to get up at 8:00 and go meaning it was fairly comfortable. Another Motion Traxx podcast got me through! I seriously just zoned out to the music and don’t remember any specifics about the run until I got to the new stuff at the end.

Alrighty, I got less than five hours of sleep last night (we got home from Atlanta late), so I’m giving up on my technology issues for tonight and going to bed! Goodnight! Hopefully I will have a more colorful post tomorrow!