Do you hear me? I’m talkin’ to you

Little known fact about me: I am a complete sap. I spent last night in tears, absolutely bawling at times. Last night I got to the high school shooting episode of One Tree Hill (the one where a certain favorite main character is killed by a certain unlikeable other main character) and the following episode about grief. Oh goodness me.

Anyway, going to bed early was a complete bust. Couldn’t fall asleep, followed by lying awake from about 11 on, and then again when husband came to bed at 5:15 (always a problem when he comes to bed about then since my body knows it as wakeup-time).

For breakfast I had the usual (which looked exactly like this one here) and the replay of VH1’s top 20 videos. Which means I got to see my current favorite video again. Colbie Callait is in a beautiful setting in Hawaii, but more importantly Jason Mraz looks hawt (LOVE the faux-hawk, though he’s looking too gaunt from his raw food diet), he got to ride around in an awesome car, and he’s in PRAGUE! I get so excited when I can look at the tv and squeal “I’ve been there!” And he spends most of his part of the video in Old Town Square which is of course where we spent most of our time. Awesome astronomical clock that they don’t show in the video. I could get you to the Swarovski store from there and even all the way back to the Charles Bridge! And maybe even to Mozart’s first performance place. I’m so glad I have a good mind for direction, I’d go crazy if I didn’t.

I hate to admit it but I love all of Britney Spear’s newest singles. It’s just the kind of music I love, a really good dance beat that makes me want to move and therefore puts me in a really good mood.

And just so you aren’t left without any pictures:


The puppies pretending not to be extremely interested in the snack I made yesterday.