Gypsy’s big adventure

Breakfast: Lookie, a sideways green monster! Husband left my big Nalgene bottle at work (mmm, bpa) so I had to store the smoothie in the blender. Normally I’m able to shake it to mix it back up before each sip. Oh well.


And some bread with Simply Jiff. Yum!


I had a cup of Tazo berry flavored white tea, donated by a coworker too this morning.

Snack: I couldn’t hold until lunch and had my granola bar as my morning snack. This one didn’t fall apart quite as badly as the first.


Lunch: I was supposed to meet up with Hubby for lunch again but he stayed home sick (18 new cases of swine flu in the freshman dorms over the weekend, oh no!). I went to barberitos again and basically got the same thing as last time: rice, black beans, salsa, lettuce and onions in a wheat tortilla. I did get to meet up with a friend finally! We should be able to have lunch together most Mondays and Wednesdays. Yay!


And there were cupcakes waiting in the office when I got back. I wasn’t trying to be quite this sneaky, I was just trying to get a picture of the two different cakes and ended up lopping off the top. It’s rather artsy though!


I also had a cup of plum white tea this afternoon. Anti-viral properties please! And I always take a multivitamin after lunch at work.

For some reason my energy completely fled after lunch so I was going to skip any kind of exercise until Gypsy decided to run off. Most of the time we can let her out without a leash to relieve herself but there are some days when she doesn’t stick around. I doubt I walked more than a mile and a half around the neighborhood before Hubs found her, but that was more than I was planning on!

After ordering more ram for my computer (yay!) and arranging for Husband to go buy me the upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard at the campus bookstore with his student discount it was time to make dinner.

Dinner: I couldn’t find the inspiration to make a casserole this week so Hubby had chicken fingers and I had a Gardenburger portabello burger. We both had tater tots (yum) and I had a salad as well. With organic spinach! It’s definitely twice as expensive as non-organic, but Husband pointed out that I never use all of my food budget anyway, so its okay. Plus you get so much more in the plastic box than the bag! (I hope the box is recyclable) Now I just have to use it all before it starts to wilt! It’s so much fresher too. Can you tell I’m excited?


After dinner I had (and am still finishing) one of my Peak Organic pomegranate wheat ales while Alex and I finished watching He’s Just Not That Into You. I don’t really enjoy movies where you’re cringing the whole time thinking ‘don’t do it stupid!’ but I do like Justin Long (I’m a mac!) and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Anniston’s ending made it all worth it.

Well going to bed early last night didn’t work out so well. I wasn’t sleepy so stayed up till 10 reading anyway and then woke up a lot paranoid about getting sick from the Husband. I honestly plan to take a Benedryl before bed tonight. I hate to take sleep aids but I’m so tired which makes me more likely to get sick. I’m doing everything I can not to! Goodnight everyone!

What do you do to try to prevent getting sick?