Movement on my mind

Good morning! I apologize for not posting over the last few days. One night dinner wasn’t until bedtime, the next two I didn’t eat much for dinner, must hummus and a carrot with some Triscuits since I had big lunches.

My jeans have been feeling a little tight this week due to a lack of movement (being injured and all) so I’ve been making a conscious effort to use carrots as my first choice for hummus dippage with crackers coming in second. I’ve also been snacking on sugar snap peas and these lovely berries Hubs got at the store earlier this week:


Hubs and I went to the farmers market yesterday to pick up new veggies (and I was hoping for some Farm Cart for breakfast, they weren’t there). We got (from the top left) a zephyr squash, patty pan squash, romanesco zucchini, golden zucchini, and regular zucchini, as well as some radishes (for Hubs), purple haze carrots (how beautiful are those?), garlic, and more spring onions. I made sure to look yesterday and our favorite vendor (who sold us the squash) is from Cedar Grove farms.

farmers market

Lacking Farm Cart, we swung by a bakery called Ike and Janes on the way home. Hubs went in to buy a dozen donuts for the movers (Dan and Alex were moving) and immediately fell in love because they give a 10% discount for something different everyday. Yesterday you had to order with an Italian accent.

I have a coworker who will bring an assorted dozen to work every once in awhile to share with the office, so I knew what to expect. Hubs came back to the car raving about how they have a banana and bacon topped donut which has peanut butter icing, and Elvis donut!! He also was very excited to see which donuts were given to us in our random assortment. From the top we have: Fruity Pebbles (on top of regular glazed), chocolate iced red velvet cake (on top of a powdered cinnamon sugar), chocolate glaze, vanilla glaze, regular powdered, a blueberry?, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, chocolate iced with sprinkles, and Coco Krispies. How awesome is that? They also usually have some with nuts on top, I’ve had pistachio and almond in the past and pecan on Friday (I’ve had donuts three days in a row now), as well as a Butterfinger topped donut.

I ate the cinnamon sugar powdered yesterday, with half the blueberry (which was really good, but I didn’t realize it was supposed to be flavored so didn’t really notice a flavor). I had a bite of Hubs’ Cinnamon Toast Crunch really good as well!) and now I’m having the Lucky Charms (a personal favorite) and red velvet cake (also a favorite) for breakfast.

ike and jane's donuts

We condensed two apartment into pretty efficiently. One Uhaul trip from both with about three trips of my hatchback (so much cargo space! love) and Alex’s dad’s SUV. Plus another handful for food and Dan’s lego collection. All of the up and down was more movement than my is used to lately, so though I only carried things like empty desks drawers and pillows, my back has stiffened back up to about Wednesday’s or Thursday’s level. Which means I’m taking another week off exercise, which I hate. I really want to get myself set up at UGA’s gym and start swimming.

But the move encouraged Hubs and I to start thinking about how we’re going to decorate our new apartment, which I’m pretty excited about. Our new living room will be the exact size of our current deck… kinda awkward, but helpful with visualizations when you’re already sitting out there for happy hour. We’re going to give in and finally buy a flat screen and mount it to our accent wall between our book cases (the apartment complex paints one wall a different color for free!). I think it will look really good.

We’re also going to start thrift store hunting for a new couch (ours is a hand me down and very sad, at this point) or maybe two love seats. Heading out this morning at about 10! I’m pretty stoked about slowly making our way towards a more grown up looking apartment.


I won’t be posting this evening because we won’t be home till late. All of the summer holidays I grew up with my family cooking out with my parents’ good friends (who are close enough that Ann and I used to explain it: if we were Episcopalian, would have been my god parents). Ann actually helped me complete my required volunteer hours for high school graduation, every other week we worked together at the local Ronald McDonald House for three years, and cooked dinner for them once a quarter. I love Ann and Brian and don’t get to see them nearly as often as I would like, but we get to go to the Memorial Day cookout tonight!

Have a wonderful long weekend!