That’s not my name

Dumbest song ever. The chorus is quite literally my title line, over and over.

Yesterday I didn’t have time to fidget with pictures before leaving for work and the evening was full too, so I’ll just hit the highlights…

Oh yeah, some of these might have snuck into Tuesday’s eats… oops. (And totally not worth it)


Breakfast yesterday was spent at McDonald’s on the Husband’s suggestion. I actually woke up at some point during the night craving a sausage round with grape jelly but I don’t think that got passed on to him. I was good though and just got a bagel with cream cheese and a non-fat mocha. This was before I realized that you can get flavored lattes. Maybe I’ll do that next time and save some calories.


Yum! And I didn’t miss the sausage. (The sugar and cream on the tray or for the husband’s large coffee)

Lunch was the wrap version of the hummus and spinach delight with  the usual snacks thrown in (though we’re out of fruit :/ )

I planned on going to a late class at the gym, so I had veggies, pita and hummus when I got home from work


I hit the gym for 45 minutes of cardio. I started out on the step mill and got through about minute 15 before realizing that working my quads before going into a class with a track specifically dedicated to warriors (I, II, sun, and side angle pose) and another for crescent poses was probably not a good idea, so I got off and did the treadmill hill hike, leaving out minutes 16 through about 31 and taking a longer cool down. And then it was Centergy time. I pushed, as usual, and remember even thinking in one of the crescent poses that I had better be sore tomorrow (today) for the pain I was shakiness I was feeling at the time, but no. Maybe that stretching and the relaxation at the end really do help release the lactic acid, making you less sore.

Tried to wake the Husband when I got home (as requested) and repeated Tuesday night’s meal, sans chicken, in burrito form


Corn, beans, Newman’s Own mango salsa (totally the best part), cheese, 1/2 an avocado in a whole wheat wrap. Oh were my taste buds happy, I wolfed that thing down. And mighta munched on the leftover corn and beans before/during/after as well. Shoulda saved them for dinner tonight, but oh well. I was hungry!

I did the dishes (still playing catch up from all the cooking earlier in the week) and then climbed into bed with my legs deliciously tired beside my warm sleeping husband. And I SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! That is cause for celebration my friends. Well, I did wake up and blearily look at the clock at about midnight, but that wasn’t a full wake up so doesn’t count. I think it was because J was already asleep so I wasn’t worried about him coming to bed and waking me up. Maybe. He works tonight and tomorrow night, so knowing he won’t be in bed till at least 3:30 in the morning should help these nights as well (knock on wood).

I knew I’d be hungry this morning for breakfast, so I broke out the Egg Beaters and tossed in some onions, cheese, and Mrs Dash and then put that in a whole wheat pita (I’m having another pita for lunch)



Oh and I mighta had some sort of candy egg with white stuff (too hard to be marshmallow) inside yesterday afternoon. Now that I’ve sampled all of the office candy and the Crunches are gone (the only decent one) I think I’ve gotten it out of my system.

Off to keep playing catch up in blog land! (I think I’m up to Tuesday…)