Forgive me…

I know I’ve been a horrible blogger these past few days and today’s post isn’t going to be any better.

Today I:

  • vowed to never eat dairy based yogurt again on a work day
  • ate lots of this: IMG_1890
  • and a few of these: IMG_1889

We’ll just call it carb loading before my race on Saturday, eh? Sounds like a good excuse if you don’t think about it too hard. And now, with the ever present headache, I’m off to bed. We’re leaving straight from work tomorrow so you may get yet another late post. I can predict that tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch are going to look a lot like they always do, smoothie, peanut butter on bread, salad, and pesto pasta. You won’t miss much. But Hubby is on camera duty for the race and I’ve told him how important it is to me to have lots of pictures to share! Expect something interesting Saturday night!

PS, cookie recipe to be found here. I just used some mixed dried fruit that I had on hand. Honestly the cookies could almost go without the added fruit. Goodnight!