Sweet sweet sweets

Well there’s really not much to say about this weekend. UGA was closed for fall break/ furlough day so it was nice to have friday off. But Rose is still sick, people drank too much and were taken care of, and thanks to the distraction a certain other dog found access to uneaten Halloween candy (probably better for my hips) and then ripped a huge hole in the back of one of the couches.

From a party Friday night:


And Saturday night:


We never got pictures of the girls in costume, sans jackets I’m afraid.

My eating wasn’t the healthiest, but I’m back on track today, with a bite of office leftover candy or two.

Pumkin oatmeal for breakfast with TJ’s pumpkin granola and 1/4 of  a leftover vegan pumpkin cranberry muffin. LOVED the muffin on this, must thank Kath for the inspiration.


Lunch was a small spinach salad with the last of my butternut squash soups. In all the hubbub about the couch and dragging the dog crate out from under the porch and hosing it off, I completely forgot to pack snacks, so candy was eaten to stave off starvation. Mostly peanut m&ms, for the peanuts you know.

I’m back to running! I went through and put my half marathon training runs on my google calendar and I have two weeks to wait before starting. After taking three weeks off I’m not up to finishing the intermediate running plan. Today’s run was tough, but I pushed through 2.25 miles in 24 minutes. It’s a start and I’m satisfied I got out and did something.

Dinner was my last organic turkey/spinach burger, thawed and reheated with sweet potato fries (using this recipe) and lots of ketchup. The ketchup isn’t healthy, but I love it and can’t buy more till its gone.


Yum yum yum. Hubby saved my arm by cutting up the potato while I was gone on my run.

We’re making stirfry tomorrow night! I’m really trying to get better about meal planning but it’s hard having to take so many allergies into account when I want to eat soy and beans. I want to make something Hubs and I can share, but some nights it just might have to be separate. We shared the fries tonight but he had sausage while I had my burger.

Now I’m off to see if Rose will eat a bit more chicken before taking a shower and doing some yoga. Need to get my flexibility back! Goodnight folks!