A first… or two… or three

Hello! Does anyone else have gorgeous weather to enjoy? Because we certainly do 🙂

Here’s a better picture of my pumpkin oatmeal flavorings, starting at the left we have cinnamon, nutmeg (a new addition), ginger (too much, the oatmeal had a little too much of a bite for me), cloves, pumpkin pie mix, and brown sugar in the center.


I realized sometime yesterday that my autumn harvest granola would make perfect pumpkin oat topping. So I added some this morning. I’d just just a tablespoon or two.


I got smart last night and put together another little batch of trail mix to take to work. This had Cascadian farms cereal, cashews, and roasted almonds. It was really good! Definitely a mix you’ll see repeated.


I hardboiled an egg last night for the first time! And look, no green ring around the yolk! It was a little weird to eat at first (I’ve never really eaten hard boiled eggs) but I think I like it. I’d say you can expect more soon. I decided my salad needed some protein and didn’t feel like cooking lentils or opening a can of beans. My coworker eats hard boiled eggs at work a couple of days a week so I decided to try it myself.


This is the dressing I’ll be using for the next month or so. I bought this before labor day and didn’t get around to opening it before we brought home and already opened bottle from dinner in Atlanta. I finally used that up on Monday so this finally gets to be used up. It has all sorts of extracts and syrups that I wanted to try to avoid but it’s quite tasty and I feel like I should use it up first.


I was hungry by the time I got off work, even though I ate extra food today. I guess I really have been depriving myself… :/ So I got home and walked straight to the kitchen to eat half an apple with peanut butter and cinnamon with an oatmeal cookie. Yum! Jif’s natural style peanut butter is really good on apples. Husband has made himself sick of apples so I have a couple to eat up. Expect to see more of this tasty little snack!


I had planned on going to the gym for a pilates class today but the weather convinced me that I should be outside and I changed my mind to a run instead. It was tough, I won’t lie. My legs weren’t as ready as I’d thought and I felt very slow. I told myself that since I didn’t feel up to running the tempo run I had planned on, I could just run 25 minutes out and 25 back and still make a new PDR. But just as I was getting to the turn around point the rubbing started. I tried to keep running and did make it through about 35 minutes but ended up limping the remaining two miles home with blisters towards the front of both arches. I know I’ve worn those socks with my old pair of running shoes but I guess I hadn’t worn them with the newer pair. Well I won’t be making that mistake again, will I? I’ll probably be sore in all sorts of weird places from hobbling home on the outsides of my feet. My right glute is already rather painful. I hate feeling lopsided 🙂 I’ll be going upstairs to stretch out with some yoga momentarily and all will be good, assuming I can survive on bandaids and don’t need moleskin 🙂 Wish me luck.

I’d read in several places that chocolate milk can be the perfect poor-man’s recovery drink after exercise and felt rather bummed about the little lactose intolerance problem I have. Finally sometime last week I read that soy milk with a bit of protein powder can have the same affect for those of us who are anti-dairy. I had planned on trying it tonight and even though I was quite chilled by the time I got home in a tank top and shorts with the sun setting and the weather probably back in the 60s, I was still up for trying it.


I used about half a scoop of powder in however much soy milk this would be considered, both vanilla flavored. It was quite tasty but sat a little funny in my stomach. Not upset, but not quite right either. I debated just having toast for dinner but Husband’s ex-coworker brought him chili last night, not realizing he can’t eat it, and I’d been thinking about it all day. I had maybe a cup and a half portion using tortilla chips as scoops. It was really good! Definitely flavored with taco seasoning, but still good. I’d guess beef with kidney and black beans at least, and onion. I asked Husband to get the recipe and I’ll share when I get it (and make some myself 🙂 )


My stomach is now pleasantly satisfied and not too full. I’m glad I decided to only eat half the chili in the tupperware container. More for tomorrow and I don’t feel like a uncomfortable! Unfortunately the pain seems to be trying to make a move up my back, so I’m going to get to my yoga mat ASAP! Goodnight!