Bye bye Whalieville

Leaving vacation always makes me horribly depressed for days afterward, so I opted not to post yesterday. Not to mention the fact that lunch was eaten on the road and we didn’t even get home to Athens until after my bedtime.

I forgot to mention that the condo we stay at is called Whalieville, with pictures and sculpture of whales tastefully placed around the house. But these are new since March and I think they’re adorable:


Alright… I wasn’t the best blogger today so I don’t have an exact calorie count. I obviously didn’t get to the grocery store yesterday, so breakfast was less than stellar.

Half of serving of Cabot Greek style vanilla yogurt and a Publix brand crunchy granola bar.


I had two bites of a co-worker’s lemon blueberry bread at 11:30, no stats.

Then I walked to Taco Stand to pick up lunch for Husband and I, which was a mess… I’m not going to go into it, but lets just say I have lunch for tomorrow too. Unfortunately no stats here, but I gobbled a bag of chips with salsa and a black bean burrito that is half the size they used to be. We won’t be going back any time soon.
As best as I can estimate it was probably 500 calories, give or take (yikes! definitely not going back).

Husband kindly picked me up and I ran some errands for him before going to the gym. I ran a mile at 6.0 min/mi; 1/2 a mile at 6.2 min/mi; 1/4 of a mile at 5.8 min/mi; 1 minute water break; and finished out the 2 miles at 5.8 min/mi. Normally I wouldn’t be happy about not running the two miles straight out but due to the lack of sleep I told myself that I should try for two, but could stop after 1.5 if needed. So I’m satisfied.

After a run to the store (too lazy to really buy everything) and being greeted at the door with an Irish car bomb (Lo would be proud 🙂 ) I had dinner which consisted of something new:



And  new flavor of something old:


And something cheap (I got spoiled by the wine my parents buy while at the beach last week)


And something green, all together now:


My favorite new dressing:


I really wasn’t impressed with the Gorton’s fish filet, though never having bought frozen fish before I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m still learning to like fish, and the type used in this fillet I’m still not ready for. It definitely tasted fishy, I couldn’t really taste the seasoning, and it must be a salt water fish because it was rather gritty. Expect to see the other eaten with ketchup.

Calorie count, day one

I looked at The Daily Plate’s recommendations (which are totally unhelpful) for what activity level I might be and decided to swap to lightly active. I don’t stand at my job for long periods of time but do always take the stairs at bathroom breaks or when I need to search for books. The new estimate for required calories is 1886 calories a day.

The rough estimates for today are:
Breakfast: 290 cal
Lunch: 709 cal
Dinner (including alcoholic beverages): 775 cal
Total: 1774 cal

Subtracting the 281 cal I supposedly burned at the gym, I’m lacking 393 calories for the day.

I’m not going to worry about this too much since today was not a typical food day for me. We’ll see what we find out during the rest of the week. And now it is time to distract myself from the fact that tomorrow is another day at work instead of the beach by playing with tomorrow’s smoothie recipe. Ta-ta!

PS: Megan is giving away Chobani!