Title title, give me a title

Ugh, I’ve had Britney Spears’ “Three” stuck in my head all day. I’m tired of it now, ready to move on, thanks. But how have you been?

Breakfast was more banana oats! With cinnamon, pumpkin granola and half an apple. Half of that half I put in the pot about a minute before I finished cooking the oats so they could soften. It was good! Now I just need to go buy more peanut butter to perfect it… I’m quite frustrated to say that I forgot while on my brief pit stop at Kroger today.


Today was my lunch buddy Sarah’s monthly work seminar so I enjoyed the cool weather alone and had a late lunch when she got out. She’s even pickier that I am and so has offered to bring me the boxed lunches she gets for free at the seminar. Works for me! I ate the turkey sandwich, pasta salad, and one cookie today and I’m saving the other cookie, the bag of chips, and mint for a rainy day.




That’s an old picture of the pasta salad and it reminds me that I didn’t get any peas today! That was my favorite part! Oh well… it was free. And the cookie more than made up for it, oatmeal raisin with lots of cinnamon. It was something special.

When I got home from work (and Kroger) Dan greeted me with a “hey, I made cookies, have one” so I did. Well, half of one. Very tasty and very sugary. Two cookies in one day and possibly one more before bed! My bed time cookies are those fabulous TJ’s mighty maple cookies that I looooove and are going stale. I’m using that as my excuse to indulge daily, no matter how many other cookies I’ve had that day 🙂 (Trader Joes please come to Athens!!!)

Dinner was exactly the same as last night.


I swear that sauce is honey mustard. Yum.

I went to Kroger for shampoo/conditioner for color treated hair and pears, because I saw someone mention pears in the blogosphere and decided I need some in my life. Well the pears were practically nonexistant (and those about were not worth it) so I ended up with a bag of red grapes instead. I’m not going to bother mentioning the number of handfuls of grapes that will be dug out of the fridge in the next few days, but imagine that there will be a lot.

Off to bury myself in a good book!