Please sir, may I have another?

Sorry about missing last night, it just means you get an extra long post tonight!

Breakfast yesterday was a very green monster and bread with peanut butter



The green monster had a very ripe banana and a handful of frozen rhubarb, water and a ton of spinach. It was really thick and it was nice to have one fresh that didn’t have to be shaken!

The farmer’s market was small but pretty cool. It was hard not to buy everything I wanted, but I reminded myself that the winter squash season is just beginning. I came away with a big bag of basil




I also bought a bag of granola. I had this granola at a coffee shop about a month ago and really liked it


And I brought home a raspberry muffin and a blueberry muffin to split with Hubby for (second) breakfast


The raspberries were pretty tart but the blueberry muffin seemed to have a bit of cinnamon in it!


Since we had the muffins at about 11:30 we didn’t eat lunch until about 1:00. Hubby and I just split a blue box of macaroni to which a hot dog was added after the picture was taken


Everyone was pretty hungry after sitting out in the sun during the football game so after a brief stop at Kroger we came home for some mozzarella sticks


Dinner was burgers, finally! My craving for burgers had actually faded, but I won’t say no! With pepperjack cheese, red onion, and ketchup


We watched Watchment before, during, and after dinner (it’s long!). Something I could have lived without. It’s long and slightly complicated and I was tired. I know it was supposed to be big, but I don’t get it.

Breakfast today was fast and easy. Yogurt and Kashi Go Lean Crunch. The sweetness of the cereal helped a lot with the plain yogurt.


I ate on the back deck with the dogs while mystery roommate and his buddy slowly woke up in the living room. I already forgot about my new granola! It was nice to eat outside though.

My parents and one of my brothers came out today for the annual Atlanta area Shop Hop. Atlanta knitting stores host a week where if you buy something from each participating store you’re entered to win big prizes. One of the stores is all the way out in Watkinsville, about 15 minutes from our apartment. Mom organizes her trip to see our new apartment around the shop hop every year and dad and my brother decided to join. We had hoped to go back to Last Resort for lunch but there was a line out the door so after trying a couple of other places we ended up at Mellow Mushroom for lunch.

I got a Greek salad


I also had a slice of veggie pizza. I know many bloggers who ask for no butter or parmesian on the crust, but I adore MM pizza crust. My favorite ever. Butter it up, my friends!



Unfortunately the crust seemed really thin and a little too toasted. I stole some of Hubby’s crust from his ground beef and mushroom slice and that was much better. The boys stuck to the meat while my mom and I had veggie. And I got to bring some home for dinner tomorrow! Yum yum yum. I also drank about half of my mom’s Bass.

After lunch we dropped the Jasons at the apartment to watch football and picked up Alex to go to Mainstreet Yarn and Fibers. It is such a cute shop. I need to finish the projects I’ve got going now so I can find something new to knit! Soon after the family left and I took a nap. Waking up it was kind of disappointing to realize that all the things I was looking forward to this weekend are over. I sat outside and finished reading 26.2 Marathon Stories. Until it started raining.

Dinner ended up being some brown rice and beans that have been in the fridge since Friday.


And I couldn’t resist having a few pieces of okra, microwaved with olive oil and salt


Yum yum yum.

Now I get to look forward to seeing my cousin, running my first race, and exploring the Ellijay Apple Festival next weekend!


Sunscreen advice

Please forgive any typos, I’m typing one-thumbeded! The dermatologist froze some warts while I was there, all of which I’ve had for years and am not bothered by, but one on my thumb is a bit difficultly placed for using the space bar in my normal manner. I also nearly passed out afterward. My dad has trouble with incision type stuff, and I’ve felt woozy having moles removed, but this was my first time being really affected by it. Like sweating, shaking, nauseous, clouded vision kind of affected. Well now I know and can go in better prepared next time!

But onto happier news! I got to sleep in until 8:00 this morning! Which means I got about 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I’m still exhausted though. I debated putting off my shower to eat breakfast first since I knew I had a new treat waiting downstairs, but I knew I’d get more done if I woke up with a shower.

Breakfast was good! I got a free sample of Kashi’s new Heart to Heart oat flakes with wild blueberry clusters off their website and it was delicious!


The blueberries weren’t tart at all which is how I usually expect them to be, but were quite sweet! It’s sweeter than I’m used to at breakfast and might make a nice weekend treat. I ate it with lowfat vanilla yogurt which didn’t help the sweetness. I’d be interested in trying it with plain yogurt or soymilk to see how much of the sweet was the cereal and how much the yogurt.


Unfortunately it didn’t keep me full very long. I ate at 9 and my tummy was rumbling by noon. We didn’t leave the dentist (who reminds me of an American Richard Griffiths!) till almost 12:30 and my derm appointment was at 1:20 so Hubby was kind enough to let us stop by Krystal on the way home to drop him back off after the dentist. I didn’t have my camera and we ate in the car on the drive home, but I had four krystals (mini, square hamburgers with mustard, onion, and pickle), fries and a Coke.

Dan went home for the night and Alex came over before going in to work at 5 for some Gossip Girl episodes, during which we split a mini-bag of popcorn and I had a Cheerwine. I haven’t had Cheerwine in years! They didn’t start selling it in Georgia until a few years ago. So good! Still no picture though :/

Dinner was basically a repeat of last night’s. Hubby and I polished off the rice and used about half that bag of Bird’s Eye stir fry veggies plus one of the packets of sauce that came with it. I dry fried more tofu and didn’t add any seasoning this time.


I haven’t looked at the nutritional stats for the sauce, but it was surprisingly un-salty for a frozen stirfry. Go Bird’s Eye! I’m also making the Husband jealous by drinking one of my Smuttynose Hanami Ales. He has homework to do and will probably opt for coffee later. He wants a beer though.

Sadly my derm’s method for removing warts seems to be a bit unusual (I don’t think it was cryogenic freezing since they used a blistering agent afterward (can we say ow? I certainly did several times on my way home)). I didn’t think to ask whether I need to keep it covered and can’t figure it out with Google.

I did remember to ask about sunscreen on my lunch breaks though. My doctor’s advice was that I don’t need to apply it beforehand, simply using a moisturizer with spf 15 in the mornings is enough. And while the spf will wear off some, since I’m sitting in a freezing cold office all day, not outside sweating it off, it won’t be enough to hurt me. She also said that getting a little sun is better than getting none, as sitting inside all day and then getting a lot of sun exposure at once ups your chances of cancer. I’ve been curious about whether I need sunscreen at lunch and when I run for awhile. My dad is developing his own personal history of skin cancer for our family (he’s completely fine! it was all caught early, just a mole here or a mole there) and she said that the number of freckles I have on my arms does increase my chance of following suit, so I need to jump on the sunscreen bandwagon! I already have spf in my facial moisturizer, just need some for my arms, neck and feet. ¬†And ladies: keep an eye on your legs! Many women develop cancerous moles there first.

Are you good about applying sunscreen?