I was woken at 7:30 this morning (by my bladder, I opted to skip a nightcap in exchange for a glass of water last night… oh well). As of about 11:30 last night it was just Jason, Alex, the pets and I in the apartment last night so when I went downstairs to start my day and found someone on the couch I was seriously thrown for a loop, though I did notice that Zach (random roommate Z) and Nick hadn’t shown up yet though its a home game weekend. Well I guess they got in late.  But highly confused at that hour, I just sort of grabbed my book, computer, an apple and my new jar of peanut butter  and retreated back to the bedroom.

So breakfast number one was apple with Smucker’s honey natural peanut butter. I forgot how gritty Smucker’s natural is, and how much I hate that. Oh well.


Breakfast number two at about 11 was some grapes and two pieces of toast with butter, cinnamon, and a dash of brown sugar


Lunch was the almond/wheat’n’bran trail mix and a pear before Hubs and I went to play disc golf.

After dropping the dog (singular 😦 ) back at the apartment we bought groceries for gumbo (and wine and beer) at Kroger and bought a second pound (free!) of shrimp from Earthfare. Looooove Earthfare. Wish I could afford to shop only there. I bought nutritional yeast! I’ve read about is so much on blogs like Gina’s and my beloved Mama’s Boy salad coats their tofu in it, that tastes so yummy. So I bought a container and look forward to using it a lot. Hubs was super impressed by the nutrition stats on the bottle (though we ultimately bought it from the bulk bins)

Since we had so much shrimp and two leftover sausages we made gumbo. We used the recipe in the 100 Best Recipes cookbook and it was great. I might have burned the roux the first time we tried, but we bought our first dutch oven at Kroger tonight and I don’t think the bottom is nearly as thick as its supposed to be. I blame the technology! Second time around I cooked it on lower heat and might have had the husband’s help.



This was quite tasty. We tossed in some thawed frozen okra at the end. Gotta have okra in gumbo! The shrimp was so flavorful and the al fresco brand all natural sweet apple sausage was amazing in it. A bright burst of sweetness. The gumbo was served over brown rice and we definitely have three more servings each of leftovers, split between the freezer and the fridge. Gotta love having tons of leftovers!


“He drinks a whisky drink, he drinks a vodka drink, he drinks a cider drink, he drinks a lager drink…” Name that song… its a bit applicable at the moment so I’m going to sign off now 🙂 Goodnight!