Could you repeat that?

Breakfast I got my free Bear Naked sample in the mail yesterday! There’s an ad on Facebook you can request a sample though. I’m a fan of cranberry raisin.



It has a lovely ingredient list (all pronounceable!). The flavor couldn’t hold up against my yogurt though. The yogurt isn’t very strongly flavored vanilla, but I could only really taste the raisins in this mix. I ended up just eating the cereal off the top and finishing the yogurt with some Kashi Go Lean for a little extra fiber.

A coworker went to her doctor this morning, who’s office is next door to a local bakery. She brought back donuts! I nabbed a red velvet donut which had chocolate icing 🙂 (Our wedding cake was red velvet) You can tell they donuts are made in store. Mine was actually a little dry but I suffered through and ate it. No picture though. sorry!

Lunch More shrimp fried rice. I added some thawed stir fry vegetables at lunch time.


Snack I have a picture of a pear for you today! It’s amazing! The donut held me through the morning so I waited and ate the pear this afternoon.


Dinner Are you sick of seeing this yet? Because I’m getting a little tired of it. This is the last of the fried rice though. It just tastes more and more buttery the longer I have to eat it. It’s good, especially when I add my own vegetables, but I’ve had four meals of it now? It’s a bit much.


Dan’s friends aren’t here yet. Their ETA keeps being pushed back by two hours here or two hours there. I’m having a cup of black tea (with peach syrup) in the hopes that it will keep me awake enough to read until they get here. But first I have to get through the Shall We Dance scene in The King and I. My favorite!


A moment to vent, please

Breakfast Dan and Alex had a study group going last night so I skipped blending up another smoothie and instead took a Lactaid before eating cereal and yogurt for breakfast. It worked pretty well, not an ideal solution, though I might be doing it tomorrow.


Lunch was another repeat: brown rice, back beans, yellow squash, zuchini, onion, grape tomatoes, and asparagus.


Dinner I was ready to eat by the time I got home but put it off till closer to 6:00. I had leftover shrimp fried rice but bulked it up with some frozen vegetables.


Still no exercise and I’m still just as frustrated about it. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so its really bugging me to be so far behind in the training plan. I’m sure part of me is worried about gaining weight too, but I have to remind myself that even running twice a week is more than I used to do and I’m eating healthier than I used to, so I won’t gain weight. MizFit agreed that I sound exhausted (couldn’t make it through a paragraph of Eat Pray Love without my eyes closing).

I can’t remember when I last felt well rested. It was sometime before high school, I’m fairly certain. To have blood work done I have to ask for time off on two separate days since I have to be at work at 7 AM (one day to have blood drawn and another for the follow up). I’ve asked for more time off than usual in the past two weeks so I’m going to wait until mid-October to ask about more time for this, but I’m sick of never having any energy. I doubt its a thyroid issues since I’m lacking any sudden weight gain or loss. Someone might make an argument of depression, but I don’t want to antidepressants or sleeping pills.

Today I started reading Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Diet book and he’s got me fairly convinced it’s stress… but there’s no one thing that I could put my finger on that is hugely stressful in my life so I’m not sure how I could go about changing that.

I’m eating healthier, drink plenty of water, and exercise is supposed to help give you more energy.

My run will probably be put off until Saturday morning. Dan has friends coming into town tomorrow and Hubs doesn’t go into work until 10pm, so I’ll be hanging out once I get off work. I need that run to happen.

A ricey day

Alright, breakfast looked exactly like yesterday’s but involved just one slice of bread with the peanut butter… I also had an unpictured pear at about 9:30 when I was starting to get hungry again.

Lunch was something different though (finally, right?). I took more of that brown rice, tossed in some black beans that need eating, and some of the grilled veggies from Saturday night (all things that need eating sooner rather than later)


I tossed the black beans and rice with some Mrs Dash chipotle seasoning for a slight kick. Yum! I think you can expect to see this again in the next day or two 🙂

Dinner Hubz texted me just before I got off work to ask if I wanted Chinese for dinner. I decided to try shrimp fried rice this time. I had this much:


Which left his much of a dent in the package:


It didn’t occur to me until after I’d started eating that I’d already had rice today… Oh well. Notice anything missing? I think I could have gone for a few more veggies and shrimps. I’ve been unimpressed with their chow mein and low mein… I think this might be off my list.

I was trying to talk myself into getting a run in this afternoon but ended up nodding off before even finishing a paragraph of Eat, Pray, Love. I’m really trying not to feel guilty about skipping it, but I think that amount of sleepiness is a reason to opt out. Maybe I’ll try tomorrow or just wait for Fridays.

I did get a good stretch last night from a 30 minute Yoga Journal podcast. I did their evening sequence which is great for the hips and all about the gentle stretch. That counts for something, right?

While waiting on dinner to arrive I actually finished Eat Pray Love. I don’t feel like I’ll remember the last few chapters very well, but that’s okay. I really enjoyed it and appreciate that she isn’t preachy though some of her spiritual experiences stretch the imagination a bit if you haven’t had one yourself. It’s kind of hard to believe it to be a memoir instead of fiction. I recommend it.