My first race!

Today was the annual Ellijay Apple Festival! Last night Hubs and I drove up to Tennessee to spend the night with my cousin and her family. So good to see her! We missed the family reunion this year so it was great to have another chance to see them and nice to visit in a much less hectic environment! We had spaghetti for dinner and made pumpkin bread before bed!

We got up nice and early to get ready to go. I had a slice of bread with peanut butter and half a banana. We got there in time to pick up our numbers and line up. It was in the mid-60s and sprinkled during most of it. Excellent race weather but rather chilly once I started to cool down afterward! My cousin and I:


Starting line!


My lovely husband was kind enough to play photographer for me! Here I come…



Here I am!


Nice and red after the race. We were all under the impression that there were three laps when there were only two so there is no picture at the finish line. A little disappointing, but I was too happy with my time!


I stuck with my poor, sick cousin at first and just before the first mile marker I was told I was 11:50 in, so my first mile took probably 12:30! I didn’t hear my second mile time. When approaching the finish line I was focused on wondering where Hubs was and didn’t pay attention to my time! I picked up the pace in the last 10th of a mile. Those coming in after me were at 31:24, so I think I finished right at 31 minutes!!!! That’s a 10:00 mile average, my goal for the half marathon. And after my slow first mile it means I had to average a 8:30 mile for the last two! And i stopped to walk for about 15 seconds! I’m so excited. So proud of myself. In case you can’t tell by all the exclamation points.

The exercise didn’t end there… but you’ll have to wait for another post to hear about that!