Please sir, may I have another?

Sorry about missing last night, it just means you get an extra long post tonight!

Breakfast yesterday was a very green monster and bread with peanut butter



The green monster had a very ripe banana and a handful of frozen rhubarb, water and a ton of spinach. It was really thick and it was nice to have one fresh that didn’t have to be shaken!

The farmer’s market was small but pretty cool. It was hard not to buy everything I wanted, but I reminded myself that the winter squash season is just beginning. I came away with a big bag of basil




I also bought a bag of granola. I had this granola at a coffee shop about a month ago and really liked it


And I brought home a raspberry muffin and a blueberry muffin to split with Hubby for (second) breakfast


The raspberries were pretty tart but the blueberry muffin seemed to have a bit of cinnamon in it!


Since we had the muffins at about 11:30 we didn’t eat lunch until about 1:00. Hubby and I just split a blue box of macaroni to which a hot dog was added after the picture was taken


Everyone was pretty hungry after sitting out in the sun during the football game so after a brief stop at Kroger we came home for some mozzarella sticks


Dinner was burgers, finally! My craving for burgers had actually faded, but I won’t say no! With pepperjack cheese, red onion, and ketchup


We watched Watchment before, during, and after dinner (it’s long!). Something I could have lived without. It’s long and slightly complicated and I was tired. I know it was supposed to be big, but I don’t get it.

Breakfast today was fast and easy. Yogurt and Kashi Go Lean Crunch. The sweetness of the cereal helped a lot with the plain yogurt.


I ate on the back deck with the dogs while mystery roommate and his buddy slowly woke up in the living room. I already forgot about my new granola! It was nice to eat outside though.

My parents and one of my brothers came out today for the annual Atlanta area Shop Hop. Atlanta knitting stores host a week where if you buy something from each participating store you’re entered to win big prizes. One of the stores is all the way out in Watkinsville, about 15 minutes from our apartment. Mom organizes her trip to see our new apartment around the shop hop every year and dad and my brother decided to join. We had hoped to go back to Last Resort for lunch but there was a line out the door so after trying a couple of other places we ended up at Mellow Mushroom for lunch.

I got a Greek salad


I also had a slice of veggie pizza. I know many bloggers who ask for no butter or parmesian on the crust, but I adore MM pizza crust. My favorite ever. Butter it up, my friends!



Unfortunately the crust seemed really thin and a little too toasted. I stole some of Hubby’s crust from his ground beef and mushroom slice and that was much better. The boys stuck to the meat while my mom and I had veggie. And I got to bring some home for dinner tomorrow! Yum yum yum. I also drank about half of my mom’s Bass.

After lunch we dropped the Jasons at the apartment to watch football and picked up Alex to go to Mainstreet Yarn and Fibers. It is such a cute shop. I need to finish the projects I’ve got going now so I can find something new to knit! Soon after the family left and I took a nap. Waking up it was kind of disappointing to realize that all the things I was looking forward to this weekend are over. I sat outside and finished reading 26.2 Marathon Stories. Until it started raining.

Dinner ended up being some brown rice and beans that have been in the fridge since Friday.


And I couldn’t resist having a few pieces of okra, microwaved with olive oil and salt


Yum yum yum.

Now I get to look forward to seeing my cousin, running my first race, and exploring the Ellijay Apple Festival next weekend!


Early to bed

I plan to retire scandalously early this evening. I plan to blog, feed the dogs, medicate Rose, shower, maybe some yoga and then sleepy time. Maybe it was just blood sugar crashing, but my energy was just gone this afternoon. I had a pack of these terrible cookies one our part-time retirees brings in when she finds them on sale at CVS (they’re always terrible, I should have known to avoid them) and immediately felt queasy and light headed for the rest of the afternoon. I doubt it was actually the cookies, but it was conveniently timed.

Anywho, breakfast was some plain organic yogurt by Private Selection with Kashi Go Lean. Not the tastiest combination, but this yogurt doesn’t bother my stomach nearly as much as the Cabot was. It’s a shame… I like the Cabot so much more.


I took some Publix Greenwise wheat crackers which I ate at about 10:30 as a snack and had a spinach salad for lunch! It’s been awhile on the salads, forgive my excitement. This had spinach, sliced almonds, and some kidney beans. After the picture was taken I added a slice of tomato and some red onion pieces left over from Saturday.


After the cookie incident I decided that I’d come home and cook an early dinner before my early bedtime goal. Husband has his last shift at Subway tonight so I don’t feel guilty about not spending time with him or anything. I may actually miss his evening shifts and having the apartment to myself like this, he’s been working evenings for years and years, since before we were even engaged. Oh well. Ideally I’ll be sleeping better and won’t need early nights anymore 🙂

Dinner was some brown rice with the very last of the stirfry veggies. I honestly thought there were more left than this, but I did what I could. I cooked them in a little bit of the sauce that the pack comes with and some toasted sesame seeds, which will always be added from now on! Yum



I am absolutely determined to make it to the farmer’s market this weekend. I’ve been meaning to go all summer but only ever think of it on Sundays. It’s open on Saturdays. Kale and okra are must-haves if any is left at this time of year. Otherwise I’ll just generally wander and see if I can meet up with my coworker.

I have so much to look forward to this weekend it’s killing me that its not Friday yet.

  • Friday 6:30 – running date with a girl I had my spring class with who was Husband’s TA that same semester
  • Saturday morning – farmers market… maybe meet Hannah?
  • Saturday early afternoon – cousin in town for football game, hope to meet up
  • Saturday 3:30 – UGA vs LSU, Husband’s first Georgia game (my 2nd, went to a UGA vs Tech game years ago with an ex)
  • Sunday – lunch with my parents then a trip to an adorable knitting store with them and hopefully Alex.

Seriously though, can we just skip to tomorrow yet?

ETA I forgot to mention that my mom definitely got us tickets to see the Bangles! It will be a total Gilmore Girls moment. Not to mention the fact that Hubby and I danced to Eternal Flame at our wedding 🙂 So so so excited. And we get to go back the next weekend for Brian van der Ark (better known as the lead singer of the Verve Pipe, anyone remember the song “the Freshman”?). Woo, next month! Have I mentioned that this is my favorite time of year?!

Could you repeat that?

Breakfast I got my free Bear Naked sample in the mail yesterday! There’s an ad on Facebook you can request a sample though. I’m a fan of cranberry raisin.



It has a lovely ingredient list (all pronounceable!). The flavor couldn’t hold up against my yogurt though. The yogurt isn’t very strongly flavored vanilla, but I could only really taste the raisins in this mix. I ended up just eating the cereal off the top and finishing the yogurt with some Kashi Go Lean for a little extra fiber.

A coworker went to her doctor this morning, who’s office is next door to a local bakery. She brought back donuts! I nabbed a red velvet donut which had chocolate icing 🙂 (Our wedding cake was red velvet) You can tell they donuts are made in store. Mine was actually a little dry but I suffered through and ate it. No picture though. sorry!

Lunch More shrimp fried rice. I added some thawed stir fry vegetables at lunch time.


Snack I have a picture of a pear for you today! It’s amazing! The donut held me through the morning so I waited and ate the pear this afternoon.


Dinner Are you sick of seeing this yet? Because I’m getting a little tired of it. This is the last of the fried rice though. It just tastes more and more buttery the longer I have to eat it. It’s good, especially when I add my own vegetables, but I’ve had four meals of it now? It’s a bit much.


Dan’s friends aren’t here yet. Their ETA keeps being pushed back by two hours here or two hours there. I’m having a cup of black tea (with peach syrup) in the hopes that it will keep me awake enough to read until they get here. But first I have to get through the Shall We Dance scene in The King and I. My favorite!

A moment to vent, please

Breakfast Dan and Alex had a study group going last night so I skipped blending up another smoothie and instead took a Lactaid before eating cereal and yogurt for breakfast. It worked pretty well, not an ideal solution, though I might be doing it tomorrow.


Lunch was another repeat: brown rice, back beans, yellow squash, zuchini, onion, grape tomatoes, and asparagus.


Dinner I was ready to eat by the time I got home but put it off till closer to 6:00. I had leftover shrimp fried rice but bulked it up with some frozen vegetables.


Still no exercise and I’m still just as frustrated about it. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so its really bugging me to be so far behind in the training plan. I’m sure part of me is worried about gaining weight too, but I have to remind myself that even running twice a week is more than I used to do and I’m eating healthier than I used to, so I won’t gain weight. MizFit agreed that I sound exhausted (couldn’t make it through a paragraph of Eat Pray Love without my eyes closing).

I can’t remember when I last felt well rested. It was sometime before high school, I’m fairly certain. To have blood work done I have to ask for time off on two separate days since I have to be at work at 7 AM (one day to have blood drawn and another for the follow up). I’ve asked for more time off than usual in the past two weeks so I’m going to wait until mid-October to ask about more time for this, but I’m sick of never having any energy. I doubt its a thyroid issues since I’m lacking any sudden weight gain or loss. Someone might make an argument of depression, but I don’t want to antidepressants or sleeping pills.

Today I started reading Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Diet book and he’s got me fairly convinced it’s stress… but there’s no one thing that I could put my finger on that is hugely stressful in my life so I’m not sure how I could go about changing that.

I’m eating healthier, drink plenty of water, and exercise is supposed to help give you more energy.

My run will probably be put off until Saturday morning. Dan has friends coming into town tomorrow and Hubs doesn’t go into work until 10pm, so I’ll be hanging out once I get off work. I need that run to happen.

Lackluster energy

I have been so exhausted all day. I ended up getting up to give the dogs their meds at midnight last night and then didn’t sleep as well as I would have liked. I was hoping to get a nap on my lunch break when I came home to give them more medicine, but didn’t have time.

Breakfast was somewhere between half a serving and a full serving of Dannon natural yogurt with the last of my box of Kashi Go Lean, which was a little more than a serving. I ate it at work, at my desk so there is no picture. I also bought a large coffee because I forgot both my water bottle and a mug so had no vehicle for either the free office coffee (which might have tasted better) or water. The caffeine definitely helped bring me to life.

I have a picture of lunch though! I ate about a third of this pouch of tuna and a serving of crackers (which are rather bland, if I haven’t mentioned it before) while waiting for Rose to finish eating. The salad was spinach, the last of the Italian mix, peppers and almonds, eaten at my desk once back at work.



Dinner was eating early because we were both wanting tater tots. I had tater tots, a Gardenburger portobella burger, and a bag of Green Giant corn in sweet butter sauce.



Needless to say, there’s been a pretty big exercise void this weekend. I’ve barely had the energy to do normal things, much less anything extra. I hope to resume with the running tomorrow. Perhaps I should skip the episode of Gossip Girl and head to bed now… that doesn’t sound like much fun.

Food post!

It’s about time, eh?

Breakfast: I had a serving of  Kashi Go Lean and about a 3/4 a serving of Dannon natural low fat (non fat?) yogurt. Since everyone else is watching a movie in the living room I’m probably going to skip making a smoothie tonight and have this same breakfast again tomorrow.


Hubby went to the vet with me and the dogs this morning. Gypsy is now on pain meds, but otherwise she’s good. Rose is going in for surgery on Wednesday. I don’t know how she’s handled so much pain so far! I guess because she’s a pit bull. I’m amazed, after seeing the inside of her mouth, that she’s soooooo willing to eat! She needs stitches on the left upper side, he’s going to try to pull some gum tissue for the right upper side where you can see all of her jaw bone, and her front teeth and a little bit of bone are just holding on by a little bit of gum. My baby is such a trooper! She’s now on two pain medicines and we got some ointment for her eyes.

On the way home we stopped by Chickfila and got a second breakfast. Chicken biscuit and a small coffee. Yum yum yum.


Lunch: leftover Annie’s bunnies and cheese from… Friday night?


And a bit later I had a salad with Italian mix with mushrooms and sliced almonds


And a cookie! My father and brother in law came out for a cook out last Saturday and my mother in law sent cookies when she wasn’t able to come. Chocolate chocolate chips with either walnuts or pecans.


After napping most of the afternoon we made a much needed trip for groceries. I realized this afternoon that half the canned food I bought for Rose is actual chunks of meat instead of all ground and I think it hurt her to try to eat it, so we had to buy more.

While there I got another Pillsbury pizza crust. We split it down the middle. My half had sauce, a little bit of cheese, red, yellow, and green peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and some cherry tomatoes that were on their last leg.



And more dessert! the last piece of pound cake, split in half with the Husband.


I also drank half a gin and tonic before accidently dropping it and splashing Rose’s (uninjured) back end, who hightailed it away. She definitely seems to be feeling a lot better now that she’s on two pain meds.

I’m still exhausted! I’m going to go hit the sheets. Luckily my lunch is already put together for tomorrow. I really wish I didn’t have to leave the girls again tomorrow, but I told my boss this morning that I’ll be in late Wednesday after dropping Rose off at the vet and that I might have to be out Thursday to watch her. I already requested off on Friday because I have some doctors appointments scheduled. I wish I could stay home, but we’re already short staffed at work and I feel guilty. We’ll just have to lock the girls up separately tomorrow.