A fresh start

So I’m going to try shifting my days around a bit… I hate showering at night and discovered on Friday (when it turned out I did actually have to go into work) that I actually have plenty of time for a quick one in the mornings without getting up any earlier than I already do. So yay! More time with my books in the evening (said books including: Biology, The End of Overeating, and Magyk the first Septimus Heap book)

I get up and immediately take the dogs out and this morning I had instructions to turn on the oven so that Hubs could later make cinnamon rolls. I had two. And coffee. Now that I have time to sip coffee at home I might make it a more regular thing. Antioxidants and all.


For my morning snack I tried Stonyfield’s O’soy yogurt. It was… interesting. I’d like to start consuming probiotics again but I’m not sure that this is going to be the way I’ll do it. I bought a six pack so I’ll eat the rest and see if I can get used to it.

Lunch was the usual salad, but with a baby green mix this time (from Earthfare!) and green bell pepper (not organic, though its one of the dirty dozen) and goat cheese that I guess sunk to the bottom before I took this. Plus a serving of Cheddar Kashis. Yum yum yum.


I had one of these clementines with my morning yogurt and had the nuts/cereal/second clementine for my afternoon snack.


We have a ton of taco shells to use so I had two for dinner. This is black beans (with a bit of reduced sodium sauce from the can, it didn’t add anything so I’ll drain and rinse them from now on), onion, green pepper, and cheese on a whole wheat wrap. Yes, a bit dry but I wanted to savor my salsa…


Because Newman’s Own was on sale at Publix!!! (By the way, Athenians, Sunday evening is not the time to shop at the eastside Publix, they were pretty paired down produce-wise, no red bell peppers!) This is absolutely heaven in a jar:


And since its Newman’s Own you know its organic. I’m going to have a cup of tea while I call my dad back and then get down to some bio reading. I’m hoping to conserve the last hour of my nights (from 8-9, I get up at 5 so I’m an early bird) for reading, half an hour for whatever non-fiction book I’m reading for fun and the last half hour for my fiction book of choice. Wish me luck!


Lackluster energy

I have been so exhausted all day. I ended up getting up to give the dogs their meds at midnight last night and then didn’t sleep as well as I would have liked. I was hoping to get a nap on my lunch break when I came home to give them more medicine, but didn’t have time.

Breakfast was somewhere between half a serving and a full serving of Dannon natural yogurt with the last of my box of Kashi Go Lean, which was a little more than a serving. I ate it at work, at my desk so there is no picture. I also bought a large coffee because I forgot both my water bottle and a mug so had no vehicle for either the free office coffee (which might have tasted better) or water. The caffeine definitely helped bring me to life.

I have a picture of lunch though! I ate about a third of this pouch of tuna and a serving of crackers (which are rather bland, if I haven’t mentioned it before) while waiting for Rose to finish eating. The salad was spinach, the last of the Italian mix, peppers and almonds, eaten at my desk once back at work.



Dinner was eating early because we were both wanting tater tots. I had tater tots, a Gardenburger portobella burger, and a bag of Green Giant corn in sweet butter sauce.



Needless to say, there’s been a pretty big exercise void this weekend. I’ve barely had the energy to do normal things, much less anything extra. I hope to resume with the running tomorrow. Perhaps I should skip the episode of Gossip Girl and head to bed now… that doesn’t sound like much fun.