I’m 28 and have two dogs (who are my absolute babies), and I work as a library assistant at one of the many libraries at the University of Georgia. I adore the people I work with, but this isn’t my ultimate plan for life. I will start grad school in fall 2014 to become a registered dietitian.

I’ve dabbled with exercise on and off since sometime in high school. A friend and I would buy Shape magazine every spring and follow their monthly bikini prep workouts. These Shape routines came back into my life in the few months before the wedding courtesy of a free subscription for buying something from some catalog. I can’t remember the specifics anymore.

My interest in exercise is inspired purely by vanity, I have to admit. Because of my build (larger chest and hips without much of a waist) it doesn’t take much for me to look heavier than I actually am. When I do manage to maintain an exercise routine I love to watch the changes in my body as muscles build and develop and layers of fat slowly melt away.

I have lately been making an effort to eat better, cutting way down on sodium and trying to base more of my meals around vegetables. A rather strict food budget gets in the way and I’ve gotten rather bored with my staples already. I hope to start branching out and am actually looking into joining the local Sam’s Club to see if that will open up more options for me. I’m always open to advice as well!



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