Daily eats 1/25

Anyone interested in what I ate today? I have to admit it sounded like a much more interesting blog post when I was half asleep and came up with it last night or this morning. I apologize for the iPhone photos. I’m not quite devoted enough to find my actual camera and learn how to use it.

Well after going to bed at midnight last night, I woke up absolutely starving at 6 this morning. So I had a serving of Trader Joe’s peanut butter filled pretzels. Yum yum yum.

Back to bed for a few more hours, then breakfast of old fashioned oats. I make a big batch with just water and a bit of salt about once a week and just reheat daily. It’s the having to clean the pot that I object to. In any case, I reheat my oats with unsweetened almond milk, about a tsp of brown sugar, raisins and a spoonful of peanut butter. I have this fabulous recipe for ginger apple jam that I need to make, I just haven’t managed to find two hours at home to leave the stove on.

2015-01-25 09.32.37

J and I attempted to run a few hours later and only made it about a mile or so. We’ve both been physically exhausted the past few days, his leg has been bothering him, and my calves are still ridiculously sore from a workout class I went to on Friday. Jumping jacks AND high knees AND mountain climbers AND squat jumps. Really? Ouch. But a mile run and a mile walk with the dogs and I call it good. No need to push it.

I was hungry again before we even left to run so I started lunch cooking while I showered.

2015-01-25 14.02.54

Homemade tomato sauce with chickpeas and the miniscule handful of spinach I had left in the fridge, served in a sweet potato. I go through phases with sweet potatoes. I’ll eat them for two weeks straight and ignore them for three months. The best sweet potato pairing? Try them with bacon. I’m telling you. Really.

Anyway, the recipe was taken from this post on The Kitchn. Their picture is prettier.

Relistened to Friday’s lecture, ran some errands, got home from the grocery store and was hungry again. It’s just been one of those days where my hunger suddenly catches up with me. But a heaping serving of Trader Joe’s Omega Trek Mix was my snack of choice. Chased by a sneaky Cadbury Egg. Those things always seem to jump in my basket as I check out from the store. What can I do?

2015-01-25 16.07.54 2015-01-25 16.16.57

Snacks, like the peanut butter pretzels, trail mix, and tortilla chips I tend to portion out based on the serving on the package because they’re so easy to overeat and so calorie dense.

I dragged J to Odell’s in the hopes that they had gotten more keychains in, they’ve been out since before Christmas! But no luck. I had to settle for a beer. Darn.

I’ve been trying to start cooking for/with J once a week. I can’t decide which. So far it’s been recipes I’m very familiar with so I just kind of do it all, and part of the idea is that I need to get more comfortable cooking in front of other people. And for other people. But he wants to learn more recipes too, so we’ll have to see where this takes us. Tonight’s entree was Jenna’s Turkey Taco Casserole that I love so much.

I almost forgot to take a picture, and the one I did take is horrible so please just go check out her pretty photos with the recipe. It’s kind of like a Mexican lasagna and really quite easy.

And now to quell my sweet tooth I’m having a cup of bedtime tea with honey. The tea is a habit, the honey is a treat.

Other exercise this week:

Sunday: 2.5 mile run in 26 minutes.

Monday: Rest, the rec was closed most of the day and wasn’t offering classes due to the holiday.

Tuesday: 1 mile run. My mid-week run is usually short but quick. I’m trying to get faster!

Wednesday: Yoga Sculpt class. Loved it, bought an unlimited mind-body pass the next day (I’d already been planning on it though). (Yoga and spin classes are free for the first 10 days of the semester, after that you have to pay.)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Interval Burn class. Kind of like a Jillian Michael’s workout with alternating cardio and strength bursts. Didn’t love it, honestly.

Saturday: I intended to go to a 10:00 yoga class, but slept until 9:30 and couldn’t bring myself to push it to get there on time.

Sunday: 1ish mile run and 1 mile walk.

Since the weather has been relatively mild this week I’ve also been biking the mile back and forth to class, sometimes a few times a day.

So that’s that. I’ll try to post another next weekend if anyone is interested.

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