Back again

I have so much that I want to say, and no one around to talk to at the moment. And sadly not many of them are ready to be shared on a public forum like this. I love my friends here. Unfortunately they’re sick, or out of town, or otherwise unavailable tonight.

I love the way Sam started her most recent post: “Being in grad school is weird. It’s weird in a lot of ways that I keep meaning to write about, but keep not writing about, because grad school.”

Isn’t that just it, though? I’ll try to better, I swear.

Going through old journal is an absolute roller coaster ride. High school was such a funny time. Old AOL IM conversations printed out and pasted in. They were just SO important. And it’s somewhat amusing to me that I can still tell you who the guys behind the cryptic screen names are.

Undergrad and the period soon after is a different story. Not my happiest period, and I’d only write when I was upset. I know there were good days, but the absolute misery on those pages literally brought tears to my eyes.

2015-01-02 18.08.39
Piper refuses to let me be sad though.

It seriously brings all new meaning to the song “Let It Go.” I knew it was a big hit, but damn. It hits a different way now.

So wants to come over and break me out of this funk?


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