New home

Well I made it! I’m here! I’m doing well! 


Passed some wind farms in Kansas, very cool to see these giants in person!

Keeping busy has been a huge help. Not leaving yourself time to dwell on things that might bother you is definitely the way to go. 

I’ve got my apartment, my temporary Colorado driver’s license, my Colorado license plates, and a plate mounting kit for my front bumper on order. I’ve changed all the addresses I can think of and registered to vote. Not sure what else there is to do but start paying Colorado taxes to make me an official resident (and that will start Monday)! And all in less than a week. 

I am also completely unpacked! I’m quite happy with how my room has turned out, though I still have a handful of stuff on my desk that need to find homes. 


I have a black and white painting of Paris that I might move from the mantel to above my bed, but it might be a little large for the space.


I also met another girl going into the nutrition program for lunch yesterday and she put in a rental application to be my roommate. Just an hour or so later I got a phone call with the job offer I was hoping for! Talk about two huge weights off my mind! 

I went to Old Town and bought myself a beer and a burger (with sundried tomatoes and basil goat cheese!) to celebrate. Can’t wait to actually meet people here so I don’t have to keep eating alone. It works out fine if I have a chatty bartender, but last night was not the case. So I watched the pretty scenery in the Tour de France coverage. 

Other than having no one to hang out with (the roommate is living in Denver until mid-August), I love my apartment and the town. A few too many stop lights for my taste, really (my car’s gas mileage doesn’t appreciate it either), but the town itself is great. I plan to go find some trails to walk with the dogs today. It’s so nice to be able to have all the windows open in July, too! 



    • I just need to get a bike so I can cheat like all the other cyclists out there. Those cyclists that ride on the sidewalk instead of in the bike lane two feet over when I’m trying to walk my dogs are quickly becoming a pet peeve too. But the scenery still wins out over complaints!

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