On letting go

Well, I’ve learned to let a lot of things go over the past few years, many of which I have mentioned or hinted at already.

But in the past year, co-habitating with a new boy, I’ve learned to let go certain expectations.


(from a google image search)

Perhaps “giving up” also would apply, but I’ve come to the conclusion that if I want the apartment to maintain a certain base level of cleanliness it’s pretty much all up to me. So I do the dishes after dinner in the evening. I pick up the clothes left lying around the living room. I offer to include any clothes he may need washed with mine (though I’ve learned that if I go two weeks between my own loads he’ll do his own). I’ll sweep the back patio if I want to enjoy it and toss the empty cigarette packs and everclear bottles left from a weekend of drinking. I’ll remove the leftovers that have sat in the fridge for two weeks.

It’s amazing how much infatuation can blind you to the state of their apartment. Looking back I don’t know how I didn’t see the warning signs. But trust me, they will not be missed again.




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  1. I think every woman hears you on that and all deal with it differently. It took a while for me, but my boyfriend knows that if i cook, he does the dishes and vice versa. I do majority of the cooking, so if I don’t have a clean kitchen, he doesn’t eat. (Of course, there are always bends to the rules, but that is one house rule he has learned over time). I also will let him have no clean underwear or uniforms if he wants to leave it around the little one bedroom apartment we have. So he learned that one too! Lol. Ugh – my boyfriend drinks and smokes too. He knows he doesn’t want to hear me nag him, so he will usually pick up after himself the morning after.

    Mind you, this is a guy that was previously in an 8 year relationship with a girlfriend who stayed at home.

    Good luck with that!!

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