My rant

I’m back! I honestly try to disconnect as much as I can on weekends (which for me are Sundays and Mondays) and rarely open my computer, so it figures that I eventually dropped the ball on the daily blogging efforts.

But day 22 calls for a rant. Android’s lack of updates for slightly older phones tends to irritate me, but I can get a new phone in a month, so it’s really not a big deal. 

Let’s talk instead about the way some people treat their dogs. 

Monday morning my boyfriend found this little guy wandering around near the maintenance shed when he was walking his dog:



So I started calling nearby leasing offices to tell them we’d found a puppy in case their residents said they lost one and left my contact information. 

On the way back from the grocery we stopped to chat with one of the maintenance guys, who just happened to give him his sub earlier in the day because poor puppy is clearly starving



He moved slightly as I took the picture, but you can clearly count his ribs and his poor shoulders and pelvis totally stand out. The maintenance guy said he thought the puppy was left by a guy who didn’t pay his rent. 

I know puppies can be expensive, I’ve had Ollie since he was about 6 weeks old, trust me I know. It makes me so sad that I can’t save them all, but to give one a home and just abandon it? That’s just plain shitty. 

As sweet as Puppy is, I already have two dogs that I’m trying to move halfway across the country with and I don’t know how easily I can find a place that will let me have three dogs in one apartment. Thankfully I have a couple of people who are interested in adopting him. He’s staying with my ex for now, who has a yard and another dog who is less than a year old and he’s strongly considering adopting Puppy himself. I kind of thought that might happen 🙂



  1. I can so related to this rant. I HATE – LOATHE- ABHOR how “disposable” people thing animals are. It breaks my heart. Thanks for being a kind human being and getting the puppy somewhere he/she will be loved and fed.

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