Blog day 16

Something difficult about my lot in life and how you’re working to overcome it… hmmm.

I’ve made some decisions in the past that I used to seriously want a time-machine to remedy. I would have gone to a different college. Not gotten back together with an old boyfriend (being out of state at a different college would have helped). Not said yes when he proposed… Majored in something different. Maybe even drawn out the separation and not gotten the divorce papers signed. (I’m way past that regret now, but having the option six months ago…)

Poor decision making, yes, but I don’t regret it as much anymore. I’ve worked hard to make a new path for myself by working full time and taking undergraduate classes for the past five years. Having a lofty goal to work towards and a new plan for my life makes the past not matter so much. 

If I’d majored in science the first time around I wouldn’t have had to take so many classes here at UGA, but I also might not have gotten into CSU as easily (they like a few years of real-world experience under your belt). 


If I hadn’t gotten married I’d probably still be in Atlanta in a similarly dead-end job, but still going home every weekend for dinners and with no goal for my future. As poorly as the message was delivered, Jason was the one who really pushed me to do something more with my life.


I still adore that dress.

If we hadn’t gotten divorced he’d be pushing even harder to start a family, and then grad school really wouldn’t ever happen for me. We’d be stuck in this small town forever, a place I’ve been sick of for years.

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it just takes a little while to gain the perspective required to see it.




    • I’m really enjoying this blogging challenge and it’s really making me realize just how far my mindset has come over the past year or so. I plan to do a post after the month is up to sort of look back and reflect on how much I learned about myself.

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