A day in my life

Forgive the old pictures. I should perhaps start looking ahead at the post topic for the next day.

I usually get up at about 7, depending on the day. Take the dogs out to pee. Start coffee and fry three eggs. Feed the dogs. I typically have a piece of fruit while the eggs cook. 


Just ignore the smoothie.

I sit, eat, read, and drink for a lovely, quiet hour before taking the dogs back out and changing out of pajamas to either head to the gym (about three days a week) or walk the dogs a mile or two.


From way back in October! Clearly not pleased about how many more reps I was supposed to do.

Home, shower, makeup, hair. Often a protein smoothie if I lifted weights. Put together lunch. Then work where I pretty much sit and read blogs all day. 



Lunch typically involves an hour spent with a book either outside in the shade or in an armchair in the back. 

More work!

Home at 7:00 where I reheat whatever I made earlier in the week and return to my book (and now that Rob is on day shift, try to ignore whatever is coming out of the tv). I also try to ignore the sugar cravings I’m trying to work through.

At about 9:30 I bring out my journal and jot down thoughts about my day, then head upstairs and wash my face/brush my teeth. Sit for a few minutes and meditate (I’ve been using this app to ease into it). It’s another one of those habits that I want to establish before I move because I’ll need all the stress relief I can get. 

Then I climb into bed around 10, where the poochies are already waiting for me.







    • It makes me so much more bearable in the morning. I’m not a morning a person (get it from my mom). Don’t talk to me before I’ve eaten. It makes getting up not so bad, but I’m so devoted to the hour that if I sleep late, it’s getting-ready time that suffers, not reading time!

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