What I do

Today I’m supposed to tell you what I do, that isn’t related to my job.


Road to Estes Park, Colorado

I learn about myself.

That’s the general premise behind going back to school for nutrition. I absolutely love anatomy and physiology. I love knowing how different things affect me, and yes, I mean all the way down to the cellular level. But wow, could that spin into some sort of OCD control-freak spiral if you let it. Let’s not, eh?

But that’s also why I read books like Lonely: A Memoir (okay, didn’t actually finish that one) and currently Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop TalkingOn the one hand they provide a sort of validation that I am not alone, not an outcast, on the other the authors actually put forth time to research their subject. They talk to researchers and scientists and find physiological causes for how we are what we are.

I’m fascinated by how I work. I’ve always been fairly passive and just gone along with what was expected of me. (I truly believe that my brother leaving college for a year or so to figure out what he actually wanted to do was the smartest plan of action anyone can take, and I feel like my own path is proof of that, no matter what our dad may believe.) Maybe I’ve taken a little longer to grow up and mature, but this is my age of self-discovery. I’ve just taken my time getting here.



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