A quote I love



This is one that went floating around Pinterest a couple of months ago and I repinned with the caption “maybe. finally.” 

Learning to love yourself really is a learning process, maybe more so than society at large is willing to admit. The last two years have been my time to finally learn this lesson. There are a lot of things about my ex that I miss, but I don’t think that I have ever been as content with myself and my choices as I have become in the past year or so. As much as some part of me may still love him, our relationship took a pretty dark turn at some point and there were ideas put into my head that I didn’t deserve to have. 

It’s pretty strange to be surrounded by college kids at 27, but it’s even stranger to be the only divorcée in your group of friends and acquaintances. It can also be really hard to read posts about when bloggers “get real” and admit to how hard their marriage is and how you really have to work at things. I’ve felt such guilt, thinking I should have tried harder, that I gave up too easily, that I should have just waited another few months before getting the papers signed. It sometimes takes a random quote or an outsider’s perspective to make me realize that it’s okay. Divorce is what was right for us. I’m finally learning to love myself. 



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