I’m back!

Hi! How have you been? Have you missed me? I’m afraid this may take a slightly different turn now. I’ll still talk about running and fitness, don’t worry about that. But I’m still not cooking much, so you won’t hear much about food unless I find a recipe I really love, in which case I will give credit where credit is due. (Such as Angela’s Holiday Soup for the Soul, I’ve talked about it before. Make it today.)


So I guess y’all probably need a bit of a life update, huh? Well, let’s go from simplest to most complicated.


Same job, same town, new apartment since you last saw me, though I have something hopefully in the works as far as the job goes.


I’m getting back into running. I took about two months off due to chiropractor’s orders. Turns out my left leg is shorter than my right, so while that was being adjusted I was told not to exercise. My chiropractor dropped my insurance before we quite finished and my neck is still straight (anyone see yesterday’s The Doctors? I have “text neck” except it’s from reading so much as a kid), but I’m managing. I don’t notice the lift in my shoes anymore, but I definitely still pull more strongly with one of my legs than the other when I get tired, either walking or running. But it’s something I’m aware of and I focus on moving symmetrically to grow stronger. I need to get a referral to a physical therapist to finish healing in a safe way, but I’m not sure whether my primary doctor would take me seriously enough to give me one.

But I’m nine weeks away from another half marathon and the longest run I’ve done was four miles on Christmas Eve. Coach and I plan to run five miles tomorrow, and I know that if I increase my long run by one mile each week I have time to prepare, but I’m still not feeling very comfortable about it. Unfortunately I can’t defer my entry fee until the next year, so I’ll run Atlanta feeling unprepared once again. My coach (you’ll hear more about him in a minute) used to work with half marathoners when he was in college, and I’m trying to trust him, but I need to have a written plan to feel confident. Maybe that can be a weekend project.


As far as dogs go, I’ve still got Ollie

But now I have a little girl named Piper, instead of Gypsy (who died in March of last year).


And the most complicated part of life right now: Family/relationships. To put it bluntly, Hubs moved out in August, we’re in the process of filing for divorce. To quote Bridget: “Some marriages shouldn’t be in the first place and their endings are good things.” (Yeah, I’m about two weeks behind in blog reading.) Unfortunately ours was one of those. But please don’t pity me. I’ve been happier in the past two months than I have been in years (there were moments of happiness, but not a constant feeling of contentedness).

About two months ago, two of my coworkers decided to play a little matchmaking involving myself and someone else at the library. And it worked out better than any of us expected. Unfortunately not everyone is ready to hear about it (particularly older members of my family), but we are extremely happy together. You’ll hear more about him as I start posting more often. A lot more. Just be on the look out for “Coach” or “Luckie.”


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