Why I run

I had a moment of revelation earlier this week…

I think I probably started running to get in shape and lose weight, but it’s not completely about that for me anymore.

I run because it is the one thing in my life that is guaranteed to impress most people.

Otherwise I’m not particularly proud of where I am in life. I have a college education, sure, but I’m not using it (and I wasted a bunch of my parents money in the process). I have a job, yes (for which I am grateful) but it’s a job a high schooler could do, assuming it doesn’t put them to sleep first. I live in a town I don’t really like. I’m working and taking classes, putting myself through hell, so that I can get a degree I will enjoy using and can be proud of.

But I also run.

Which is something most people aren’t willing to put themselves through. It takes a level of commitment most people don’t care to give. It certainly isn’t fun, but I love the feeling of accomplishment after I’m done. Most people deem it too hard and I can impress people by telling them I run 13 miles at a time. Telling them I work at a library just doesn’t quite garner the same interest.

But tell me. Why do you do what you do?



  1. I TOTALLY relate to this. I do it because it’s a gal and impressive. I’m doing a job that I didn’t need my degrees to do either. They help, but I definitely didn’t need a masters in trumpet performance to teach elementary music.

    I just take the attitude that everything I do somehow relates šŸ˜‰ And it’s definitely worth the journey when you learn something!!

  2. i do what i do because it is easy and permits me to persue my outside interests. i am in chem. info and build a data base of scientific info of patents and journals.

    it is boring as paint drying but totally bearable if you love science and information.
    as for excercising well i would like to do more but the tradeoff is spending less time with my son and wife. so i take it where i can get it and be happy with the quality time

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