Your future is what you make of it

So I haven’t posted in three weeks… sorry about that. To be honest, my heart’s just not in it. Many people love it, but it has always been a chore to me. Hubs also does most of the cooking, so I wouldn’t be posting about my own experiments. I don’t really like cooking. I hate dirtying dishes (since I’m the one most likely to wash them), it seems like a waste. Confession: I use the same plate for toast everyday for a week, then wash it. Same with water glasses. There’s also the fact that come August 16th, I won’t have time to exercise, much less post photos of food and write about it. I’ll be working 40 hours a week and taking two lab classes, on campus from 7 AM till 7:30 pm, four days a week. We’ll see how that goes.

In other news, I’m having second thoughts about this triathlon. Maybe I’ve burnt out from suddenly going completely balls to the wall when I’d been used to not exercising at all and jumped into a 6 day a week training plan. But really, the swim practice is a pain. I’m enjoying biking and running and I might still try swimming 400 m. when I’m at the lake next week, to see how it feels without the ends of a lane to take a break at. I skipped both swims this week, it’s just such a hassle to drive to the gym, pray for a lane with only one other person in it, and then go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, for half an hour. I think I’d rather stick with strength training, running, and biking.

But we’ll see. It would be cool to say I’ve done a triathlon. Maybe this just isn’t the year for me.

As to the future of See Cat Run… I’m letting my Bluehost account expire because it’s just too much money that I can’t afford to waste on something I don’t really care about. Whether will be reincarnated, I don’t know. I like the idea of blogging to keep my family and friends up to date with my life, but I dread sitting down to actually write. Let’s go get a drink instead.

In case you’re curious I’ll be having this for dinner.


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