And she swims too…

Yup, I swam today! I took a swim class as one of my college PEs but I haven’t swum laps since.

I finally caved and joined UGA’s gym after hearing about how skank the pool near my house seems and after finding out that the nicer public pool is only open on weekends. I also checked to make sure that UGA has kickboards a pull buoys you can borrow while there. They do! I freaking love using the buoy, even though it’s supposed to make it harder (since it puts all the focus on your arms). My flutter kick has always been my weakest point (assuming we don’t factor something like butterfly into the equation) and I’m actually best at breast stroke. My legs got pretty tired doing it, but it was so much easier than freestyle. I don’t trust myself to do backstroke while swimming in a straight line, and I was sharing a lane, so I didn’t even try…

Today’s workout called for a 30 minute swim and a 25 minute run. I reversed those a little and ran 18 minutes to the gym, enrolled, swam for 30ish minutes (might have been a few short) and ran 7 more minutes, and finished the way home with a walk.

The swim included lots of rests and I’m embarrassed to say that I came up sputtering a few times. I was stopping for 15-20 seconds after each lap for awhile and even when I decided to not really rest, I would still stand and turn around. As I get stronger I’ll have to stop that. I’ll admit I wanted to quit after 5 minutes, and then 10, but I told myself that I should do at least 15 to not look like a total loser. And after that I figured I could do another 10 minutes… I think I started a few minutes before 5:30 and was marking my time by the 5 minute marks, so I’m rounding up to a full 30 🙂 As soon as I walked out of the gym my arms were hurting though. I’m not looking forward to handling books at work tomorrow!

Even with resting as much as I did I think I probably covered 15-20 laps (I really should have kept count) which is about the triathlon distance of 400 meters. As long as I can do 16 laps without stopping I’ll be good to go… Now can I accomplish that in seven weeks? We’ll see.

I’m sorry about another pictureless post, but I wanted to share my swim experience and now I’m happily fed (sushi and miso soup) but exhausted… Good night!


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