Dude looks like a lady

Hello! (I sound like Mrs. Doubtfire in my head…)

I can’t even remember when I last left off… Sunday morning, was it? Well Sunday evening was absolutely wonderful. I swear, I laugh harder when we see Ann and Brian than any other time. I ate a ton of guacamole, slurped some fabulous daiquiri and margarita, ate some absolutely delicious barbecue chicken, and had some lovely strawberry shortcake for dessert. I was quite full and it was all amazing. I don’t regret a moment of it.

Monday was supposed to be spent studying for my final, but instead I had the pleasure of watching the boys mount a 50 inch plasma screen over a fireplace (not ours!), furniture browsed, and watched the Braves whoop some bootay. Also grocery shopped with my bff, which allowed a bit of girl talk, which we don’t get enough of. We also watched Up in the Air (“I said it was good, I didn’t say it wasn’t depressing” – Terry) and had tacos for dinner. Yum!

So yesterday I finally got down to that studying thing (ignore the laptop and textbook in the background of the next photo) and Hubs made me an omelet for dinner! It had mushrooms, spinach, fresh basil, and onions in it, and after I took the picture I topped it with some nooch. The salsa I ate with some chips.


I actually had half the omelet for dinner and the other half for breakfast this morning, Hubs just sort of threw in the last 5 eggs 🙂

After a little bit of extra study time I think the test went pretty well. Of course, I felt that way about the last one and did not the great I was hoping for. We’ll find out when grades are posted tomorrow.

After a nice, short day at work (again, excuse the perpetual mess that is known as our coffee table), Hubs and I came home to some chips and salsa and later had macaroni and cheese (the broccoli meant to accompany it was older than I thought so got tossed) and a variety of our farmers market squash with a caramelized farmers market onion. Hubs cooked the squash in evoo, nutmeg, curry, cloves, and I don’t know what else (he can chime in in the comments, hint hint). It was pretty awesome. And I have more to eat on my salad tomorrow 🙂


My back is still not 100% and I’m sort of waiting on clearance before I start exercising again. I may even start with swimming! I can’t wait.

But my allergies are starting to act up again and it is burning up in this apartment (hot laptop on lap doesn’t help), so I’m signing off!


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