Summer salad, anyone?


We’ve had a couple of breakthroughs around here lately!

Unfortunately I’m still walking around like a hunchbacked old lady, but I’m better than yesterday and I’m going to head upstairs in a bit to try an epsom salt bath. (Think I might have done slightly better on this polisci test than on the last too, but that’s neither here nor there)

But, Michael Pollan news picked up my post about the farmers market and retweeted it! I know the man himself doesn’t read all the links they post, but I still feel special!

And Hubs has learned that he can eat raw peppers and squash! I kind of, somehow, missed the title of the post I took this recipe from (“Want to Eat Raw, But Don’t Like Raw Food?” Yeah, don’t ask) and he was a bit concerned when I told him that the cooked pasta was to be mixed in with the uncooked veggies but said he’d try it. Guess what? No problems!!!

Welcome to the Summer Squash Orzo Salad Matt posted recently.

orzo salad

This is one of the many recipes that has gotten starred in my google reader recently to try (so much good food, so little time!)

We, of course, had to be us and make a few substitutions. Gotta make it your own, right? Well we used one yellow squash and one zucchini and subbed in our remaining clarimore squash and golden zucchini (from the farmer’s market!) for the rest. We also used the two remaining, tiny red onions from the market, left out the tomatoes (for Hubs’ sake), subbed a tsp of dried parsley for a tbs fresh, and made it vegan (sshh, don’t tell hubs) by leaving off the feta and salami. No olives, but we ended up adding a dash of red wine vinegar.

Orzo salad

This was delicious! So light and fresh with the lemon juice. I’d definitely prefer a higher veggie to pasta ratio, but I certainly went back for seconds! I’m definitely keeping this recipe in mind for summer cookouts.

I have to say, I’m starting to get a bit frustrated after taking a week and a half off exercise due to injuries. I’d really like to do Gina’s Summer Shape Up, but there’s no way I’m going to risk anything and hurting myself again (not that I mind lounging on the couch all day instead of working…). I think I’ll probably try to avoid helping Dan and Alex move this weekend… Hopefully my back will be feeling better by then, but it just seems too soon.

Off to continue babying myself with that epsom bath!


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