Hello! I’ve been at home, hanging out with my little buddy today.

Photo on 2010-05-24 at 14.34

He’s been keeping me company while I’ve been couch and ice pack bound.

Sometime between dinner and feeding the dogs last night I seem to have hurt my back. If it’s not one thing, it’s another right?

Now, I’ve hurt my back before, in fact it was sore all of last week, if I twisted wrong it would send out a shoot of pain but I thought it was getting better.

I honestly can’t pin point what I did last night that did it, but I’ve managed to hurt it so badly that I can’t even stand up straight. I’ve been either crawling or hobbling (depending on who’s around to see) all day. Looks like I’m getting another rest week.

I somehow managed to get out of bed, shower (mostly seated), open the office, ‘run’ to answer to phone calls in the back, and get back out to the car in one piece though. I took two naps this morning, made an abortive attempt at studying for my test tomorrow, and have basically been catching up with my Google Reader ever since.

I also went ahead and called my supervisor and offered to open again tomorrow since I have to be on campus for the test anyway, but she said she’d do it (thank god!). I could only find two positions to sleep in that would leave me with just a mild ache instead of stabbing pain, and as soon as my hip fell asleep and my body wanted to shift I’d be woken up with said stabbing pain again. I’m going to go to bed at my usual time and set my alarm for about 3 hours later than usual to hopefully be fairly well rested for the test.

So a major thanks to Hubs who has been taking care of the dogs, dropping me off in front of the library steps (you’re not really supposed to drive there) and picking me up again an hour later. He also brought me Arby’s for lunch, went to the grocery store by himself (not in a “what a big boy” way, in a we-had-planned-to-go-together way), and made me dinner.

Since grilling season is here we’d been meaning to start experimenting with recipes for portobello burgers so he bought some caps at the store today. He used this recipe to marinate and baste them, but cooked them for 30 minutes or so in the oven at 425*.

portobello burger

I’d never had a portobello burger before and I quite liked it, but Hubs said it was too vinegary for his taste. The rest of my tomatoes are not quite ripe, so I had mine on toasted bread with a lettuce leaf and corn and tots on the side.

My little buddy is back, so I’m going to surrender my lap to him and read over my notes before bed. Goodnight!


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