Salmon salad

Good evening lads and ladies! I’ve had a quiet day filled mostly with reading, some for pleasure, some for homework.

I had my usual toast with Smart Balance and coconut oil for breakfast. (The oil mixes with the Smart Balance and creates this completely melt-in-your-mouth texture. I adore it, plus it provides lots of healthy fats!) After my toast I was craving something sweet so I made some peach black tea (loose-leaf, from the Dekalb Internationl Farmer’s Market) and drank it with some orange blossom honey. Yum!

Isn’t our teapot pretty?


She’s not very big (single serving) but I love how delicate the glass is and the pretty blue handles. Hubs and I got her about a year and a half ago on clearance at Teavana (my one and only trip, sadly). There’s a spiral of metal that hooks into the spout to strain the leaves out. I need to use it more often! It’s just so easy to toss my leaves in the huge strainer from Hubs’ old teapot which fits in the mouth of a mug. I’m not big on dirtying multiple dishes if just one will do. I’m going to make a point of using this teapot more often though.


Hubs went to Stone Mountain today to see his dad so the pups were left pretty bored. Luckily we still had a Busy Bone left, it kept Ollie (who tends to get into trouble if left un-entertained) occupied for over two hours. Awesome! Gypsy munches through hers in all of three minutes, of course. (Here he is with his last one)


Since Hubs would be out of town for two meals today, I decided it would only be fair for me to get a meal out as well. After polishing off a box of Wheat Thins and the last of my red pepper hummus for lunch I decided that a balsamic grilled salmon salad from De Palmas Italian Cafe was just what I wanted for dinner: a 4 oz filet over field greens with red onion, sweet red peppers, capers & hard boiled egg. After thinking about it for awhile I realized that I could pretty much make it for myself at home for half the price (it’s a big salad, but still hard for me to justify paying $11 for). I looked up a balsamic marinade online and headed to Earthfare to buy my salmon. When I got there they had raspberry marinated filets ready for sale and that sound just as tasty! 


I cooked the filet for about 12 minutes at 350* and it came out perfect! The one time I’ve gotten the salad at De Palmas the salmon was overcooked but this came out perfectly tender! I’m not a big fish eater (any time I would try it at the beach as a kid I’d wake up horribly nauseous later that night, but now I’m learning to like it) so I was very pleased that I got this right my first try.

I actually split the filet in half (which came out to about 2.5 oz each) and put the other half away to eat on tomorrow’s salad at lunch. My salmon was served on a bed of butter lettuce (tossed in the balsamic dressing I made last night) with fresh basil, craisins, and a sliced tomato.


It was a very tasty meal and I’m looking forward to having it again for lunch tomorrow! I’m not feeling totally satisfied though, so I may go back for the last lonely apple in the fridge (since everything else in this house requires cooking). Or maybe some more toast 🙂 Back to my homework!


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