Day late, a dollar short

Morning guys! I’m a little off schedule, our internet is out at the apartment, so I’m posting… from… class… Sshhh, I won’t tell if you don’t tell. But in any case, this will be another quick one.

For dinner I wanted veggies. We don’t really have veggies, so Hubs sauteed up some red onion and a frozen gumbo mix, added some fire roasted red pepper and tomato sauce, and served it over pasta. Topped with lots and lots of nooch!


Aside from the few bites of celery which kind of threw off my tastebuds, it was really good! I love okra though. I like having a big mound of veggies and a slightly smaller heap of pasta.


Otherwise breakfasts have been a smoothie with two pieces of toast, lunches have been leftover couscous (today is the last). Shoulder still hurts, still avoiding exercise… I’m boring! And I should probably pay attention now 🙂


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