An exception to the rule

As I’ve mentioned before, my biggest exception to vegetarianism would be a good pulled pork sandwich. Which is why I agreed to try out a restaurant called Jot ’em Down with Hubs tonight. The first year we lived in Athens we passed by this building all the time on the way to Terry and Dan’s apartment but it was a biker bar then. I don’t know when it got changed but it definitely isn’t now! Bamboo and antiques probably don’t apply to the biker dudes as much.

jot 'em down

We didn’t get there until probably 8:00 (which is late for us!) and it was pretty empty.

jot 'em down

As expected I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with slaw and beans as my sides. The plates come covered in wax paper, with a paper wrapped sandwich to hold the flat paper down. Seems strange, but it would certainly keep them cleaner! I worked at a barbque place in Atlanta for a month or two in high school and as wasteful as this method is, I can’t really say I blame them, especially when you have a big enough table to warrant stacking plates up your arm… Oh Fat Matt’s. How little I miss thee.

papered plate

The meat comes dry and you have an option of six sauces to liven it up with, half vinegar based, half ketchup based to please those hailing from both North and South.


I chose the Cherokee Indian, which the website says is sweet ketchup based, but it tasted pretty much exactly like the Mild Elrod’s mild vinegar. I think something got miss labeled. I was hoping for sweet but this was really good too!

The slaw was pretty bland, but the beans were quite good! Sweet but not sweet enough to be considered honey flavored. Hubs got the potato salad (perfect amount of vinegar) and brunswick stew as his sides and both of those were quite good. I love brunswick stew but didn’t get much of a taste, he called it the best he’s had though!


I’m thinking that if our dads and brothers come out to help us move in a few months that this is going to be where we take them to lunch. I know my dad would like it!


We had our second test in poli sci today which hopefully went a bit better than the first. The professor is fond of multiple choice questions where a) b) and c) are all very plausible, d) is “both a and c” (or some combination of two) and e) is “all of the above.” So frustrating!!!

But we got out super early but I was scheduled to stay late at work so I had time to come home and take a nap. After 15 minutes and arriving nowhere near sleep I got up and just read my book though. It also means no reading for tonight! I had been hoping to get to bed early, but look at that I’m late again.

(As a side note, how about Neil Patrick Harris on Glee last night, huh?! Loved it!)

Still no exercise as my shoulder is still really painful. Hubs massaged it for me early and the pain went away for awhile, but it’s come back again. If it’s not significantly better tomorrow I’ll be calling the doctor, though I don’t know what she could do for me. Knowing my history, by the time I could even get in to see her the pain would be gone.

And no, I don’t use my shoulder to run, but even having it hang at my side while walking is painful, so having it stabilize my arm during the more jarring motion of running just doesn’t sound like a good idea. I’ve been eating very poorly the past few days (too many in office treats, too big a sweet tooth) but I’m trying not to get too down about it. It will all even out in the end.

Photo on 2010-05-19 at 21.16 #2

Ollie says hi and I must say good night! Wish me luck with this shoulder!


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